Adult Gymnastics

Adult Gymnastics

Adult Gymnastics at Crossfit London is amazing! After all, wouldn’t you love to have a bigger arsenal of cool gymnastic moves? Who wouldn’t want to have a fantastic back tuck, a backflip and a rock solid handstand? For that matter who doesn’t  want to jump over a car and bounce off walls?

If you are an adult, you have found the right place to train.

If you are an adult, the chances are that most gymnasts will turn their noses up at your dream of Gymnastic Tumbling. We don’t. If you want to handspring, handstand and back tuck, we have the progressions, drills and skills that get most adults prepared to master these moves. You won’t look like an international gymnast, but who cares! We have clients ranging from 18 to 55 who attend our adult gymnastic sessions at our railway arch location at  Railway Arch 3 Gales Gardens, Bethnal Green E2 0EJ.

WE also have kids in our Kids gymnastic lessons (read here for more info)

You may prefer static skills like lever, flag and straddle lifts to handstand: in which case our Gymnastic Strength classes will build you the strength and skills you need. These class are at our other venue at Railway Arch 9 Malcolm Place E2 0EU.

You can get a glimpse of what the tumbling classes are like by visiting our  gymnastic Facebook group

To help you,  we  group similar abilities together with clear out puts for each of our  three levels.  In level 1 tumbling, we teach you the basic dish and arch shape, forward and backward rolls, kick up to handstand  and a nice 1/4 turn cartwheel. Once you have these skills, its on to level 2. If you already have those skills, its straight to level 2 for you.

Level 2 teaches the core drills that will enable you to  learn the round off, front and back tuck, and front and back handspring. once you have mastered the drills its onto our level 3 tumble club, where you practice the whole skill and try and link them together.

Our teachers will whisper in your ear when you are ready to go up a level.


  • Single session pass – £15
  •  5 sessions pass – £65
  • 10 sessions pass – £110

To book your sessions we have a fantastic  online booking system here We have classes on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Frequently asked questions

Is Adult Gymnastics dangerous?

Yes! The simple answer is that  most gymnastics is about jumping in the air,  doing something cool and landing. It’s very easy to land badly and twist an ankle, twist a knee, hurt a wrist, tweak a neck. Of course we have mats and super-soft stuff to train on – but nevertheless this ‘sport’ has a high risk factor.

Our notable injuries include an experienced instructor showing the most basic cartwheel drill, and twisting her ankle.

One of our assistant instructors broke his ankle landing in (another gym’s) foam pit. Many of our clients are office workers and , frankly, they can still hobble to work if necessary. If your career depends on your limbs working, you may not want to take the risk. If you are a professional footballer, maybe give it a miss!!

What if I have a medical condition?

If you feel you have a medical condition that could impact your training, we suggest you book  a personal training session with Andrew Stemler as your first point of contact with us. Simply book a session with him on the online diary, or email him directly.  Here, we can assess the nature of your condition, whether we need to talk to your doctor, and what reasonable adjustments we can make to keep you safe.

The long and short of the situation is that Gymnastics is not a cure for anything. It’s a cool, marvellous sport that many people love – but it will simply make your bad back, your neck pain or your twisted ankle worse. Many of the shapes will exacerbate any  conditions you have.

By attending one of our sessions, you are telling us that you are injury free.

It’s called “Adult Gymnastics.” Can my under 18 child attend?

Nope. This is an adult gymnastics class, sorry. Check out the East London Gymnastics centre for children’s classes. We will however accept some underage gymnasts on a personal training basis.

How much do the sessions cost?

This sort of depends what “pack” you buy, but a single one-off session is £15.

You can get deals and discounts for buying sessions in bulk, but we suggest that you do a single session first, make sure you enjoy it, and then go from there. The full fees breakdown can be found here.

It’s not worth buying a monthly pass, so look at the 5 and 10 carnets. They are time-based, so they will expire if you don’t use them. BUT, session prices are the same as CrossFit ones.

I’ve never done gymnastics before. Which session should I attend? ( but am very physically talented. I’m a dancer/martial artist/Yogi/Pilates expert/CrossFitter. Can I skip on to the  level 2/ 3 class?

Nope. Start with  level 1

Do you offer free sessions? Can I rock up and pay on the day?

No and no. You must book and pay for your session in advance. We welcome pre-paid and pre-booked drop-ins , but discourage spectators in the facility.

How do I go about booking my first session?

Create an account on our booking system and book into a class

I don’t have internet access or a credit/debit card. What can you do to help?

Our facility is exclusively designed for credit/debit card holding internet users. Perhaps a friend can help you out?

Do you offer personal training in gymnastics?

Yes: at 3 Gales Gardens in Bethnal Green E2, we can arrange off-peak personal training sessions in tumbling.

Single Gymnastics personal training session: £60
5 Gymnastics personal training sessions: £270

Email for more information or you can try calling or texting him on 07935036313

What qualifications do your coaches have?

In order to teach our gymnastic classes, our instructors need to pass our internal assessment process and demonstrate:

1) That they can perform the move, and
2) demonstrate that they are capable of putting together a  drill-based approach to help adult learners approach the task.
3) They are highly conscious of safety
4) They are able to teach adults to spot each other
5) They are able to use a range of teaching skills from simple demonstrations, to using effective oral, physical and video feedback.

This often means we are unable to use  ‘elite  gymnasts’ as they are geared towards teaching elite children.

Our coaches are assessed on their understanding of the move, the range of drills they bring to the table, their ability to empathise with adult learners, set up appropriate practises  and effective safe spotting regimes. The are required to have an up to date First Aid certificate.

For all other membership options follow the link below:


We offer discounts to members of the Armed forces, Emergency services and full-time students. (This does not apply to drop-ins; it is for regular members only). Click here for more information.



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