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Member of the Week: 4 August 2017

This week’s Member of the Week goes to

Adam Sumner

Adam anxiously watches the clock 30 secs into a wall-sit.

You know Adam’s in the class (always arrives precisely 9 mins late) as he and yells and shrieks through every lift/WOD. Which is always entertaining.

Secret sources have leaked some little-known facts about Adam

He was the captain of his university ‘ultimate frisbee’ team/club and took Leeds university to the Northern counties championship in 2002 where he placed a respectable 4th place.


Captain of the Frisbee Team

Also he is a qualified accountant with a legal degree – I think we can all agree he’s not the stereotypical accountant!


A sumo-deadlifting accountant. Who knew.

So thanks for being you, Adam. Enjoy the praise of your peers this week

Member of the Week: 19 May 2017

  • This week’s Member(s) of the Week goes to………

    Annie To & Thomas Hollington

    Who needs chairs when you have steel quads?

    Annie and Thomas have been training with us for barely two months, so it’s my pleasure to big them up as Members of the Week. Between them they’ve covered a great variety of classes including Metcon, L2 and gymnastics. Keep at it, guys, greatness is just around the corner!

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