Just one more PB? by Chloe Cassar

  Olympic lifter, Chloe Cassar, discusses  the early "Personal Best"  approach associated with the 1st few years of olympic lifting and crossfitting and contrasts it with the need for  a  longer term percentage based lifting strategy once the "easy PB's" have  stopped. Just one more PB. BY CHLOE CASSAR   So You’ve been CrossFitting for [...]

Animal Flow and Mobility workshop!

Animal Flow and Mobility workshop! Animal Flow is unique system designed by Mike Fitch, synthesising elements of animal movements, to increase mobility, power, endurance and neuromuscular development. This is your unique opportunity to incorporate "Animal Flow" into your training by attending our 1.5 hour workshop at the unbelievable price of £20 Book now  for the [...]

Powerlifting Club: New Cycle Starts August 1st 2016

The Powerlifting Club at CrossFit London and CrossFit SE11 were busy retesting their lifts this week, establishing new one rep maxes in the back squat, bench press, and deadlift. This comes at the end of a 6 week cycle on a programme which we've been running for the whole of 2016. Monday 1st August marks [...]

Crossfit Injury Rates

At any time, somewhere in the world, an inadequate sport scientist or deluded therapist is about to initiate another defective study on injury and injury rates in CrossFit.  Let’s face it; if they didn't tag their post as "CrossFit Injuries " no one would care, no one would look at it. It would go as [...]

Andy Bolton Powerlifting Seminar

As the first man to deadlift 1,000 lbs and the holder of the WPO World Record Total at 1,273kg, safe to say Andy Bolton knows a thing or two about powerlifting. With the increasing popularity of our Powerlifting Club and Strongman classes, this seminar will help push your training to the next level, whether you [...]

Heavy Metal Club

Formally known as "Max Out" this newly named class offers a great opportunity for you to work on your Olympic lifting and power lifting movements. This fresh opportunity will be open to all athletes both level 2 upwards with the only prerequisite being that you know your lifting percentages and can complete all the movements [...]

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