First aid: 1 day, level 2, course

Crossfit London runs an excellent 1st aid course specifically aimed at the gym environment. Ideal for Pt's, trainers , gym goers and those with  active partners: CPR, Choking, bleeding,... you name it, you'll be able to 1st aid it. At £60, its one of the best value accredited  (NUCO) 1st aid courses around. Action packed [...]


The food group launches in October ( with no name, no class structure, no indication of price or what to do. Oh well). We do however continue to post tasks. They are in no order and don’t pretend to be  a system to be followed in order. We are simply blogging techniques to refer to [...]

Task Sheet: Practice Protein

  So you all know, we  (Kate and I )  are starting a food, or weight management group in October. We still don't have a name, or a regular meeting schedule, or even a Facebook page or an App. How old fashioned!! We do know  will explore every aspect of weight management, and often issue [...]

A Discussion On Mindset: the Crossfit London Masterclass

A Discussion On Mindset With Jacob Tsypkin of TZ Strength on Saturday the 7th of November at 2pm, The controversial Jacob Tsypkin of TZ strength will deliver a lecture and  Q and A on the most essential aspect of physical training: The mind. Once you have the right mindset, everything you do at the gym, [...]

Website update

We're in the process of a little website re-design/update. Once complete, it should make the website much easier to use on mobile devices. It should also allow you to manage your schedule from the website directly, rather than jumping off to the MBO site. It is likely that things will be a little off for [...]

Shoulder Mobility Masterclass: 25 Oct, 14.00-16.00

Shoulder dysfunction is a nasty thing. Athletes and desk jockeys alike can suffer debilitating, chronic pain and dysfunction in the shoulder area, holding them back from training and getting on with the most normal of everyday tasks. Many of the issues can be solved by dealing with correct movement patterns, appropriate strengthening, knowledge of trigger [...]

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