The 2016 CrossFit Open at CrossFit London

As you may or may not be aware, the 2016 CrossFit Open is fast approaching. Here's what you need to know about this year's Games at CrossFit London. What is the CrossFit Open? The CrossFit Open is the first stage of a worldwide competition to find the fittest on Earth. It consists of five workouts [...]

Davide Buzzi: finding a path through all obstacles

Davide Buzzi, gymnastic coach at CrossFit London, tells his personal story of dealing with overwhelming health obstacles as a child, to overcoming physical obstacles as a Parkour instructor. Read how how Davide "found his path".   I’m Davide, an Italian Tricker, Parkour & Free running instructor,  qualified as a Gymnastic and Tricking coach in Italy. [...]

Mix up your adult gymnastics and your italian language practice

 Vuoi delle lezioni private in italiano? (translation below) Questa è la palestra che fa al caso tuo. Due dei nostri migliori insegnanti saranno a tua disposizione per lezioni private in lingua italiana.  Potrai scegliere tra lezioni di Acrobatica e lezioni di Parkour & Free running, per qualunque livello di preparazione. In Acrobatica potrai lavorare su [...]

Diet, Food and training: the long awaited masterclass

For over 5 years  we  have been promising  to tell people the "secrets" of healthy eating. Time and time again, we've threatened to start food groups, We  have talked to local restaurants and cooks to see if we can access a kitchen to show you how to cook . We've never  found time to actually [...]

Tuesdays Gymnastic strength

Tuesdays level 1 gymnastic strength class  aims to give you the following outputs: a rope climb (with or without legs) a good quality wall walked handstand ( with associated dish hold for 20 seconds) a tuck front lever a tuck back lever a tucked pole flag 5 pull ups 30 push ups visible progress on [...]

The free Crossfit London class

Most saturdays at 12.30, Crossfit London stages a 1 hour free session to allow people to have a look around Crossfit london in Bethnal Green E2. The aim is to allow you to; practice using the booking system, experience the teaching method, understand the concept of intensity, give you  a simple workout, discuss issues of [...]

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