Metcon for everyone

Our Level 2 classes at CrossFit London are second to none in focusing skills to acquire strength, speed - all 10 physical skills, for all-round general physical preparedness. But there are times when you just want a break from that barbell! Our L2 Metcon class concentrates on endurance, and building a bigger engine with lighter, [...]

Gymnastic Strength at Crossfit London: a review

The 1st time Crossfit London taught the muscle up was in 2005. In 2007 our muscle up and  L sit teaching recieved national coverage So popular were our gymnastic strength moves, and the way we taught them,  that we have aways included L sits, handstands and handstand push ups in our regime. No wonder that when [...]

L sits and muscle ups

Tuesdays skill class was great fun, with a focus on the L sit and its variations ( toes to bar and  leg raising in general). In particular we took the L sit to the floor. Its only when you  have it  on the floor that you own the L-sit. Daily practice helps as do these [...]

This week’s graduates

Another group managed to negotiate their way through our beginners process and today became qualified to enter our level 2 process. Yaay   GULP! Level 2? The problem is that we offer so much that it can all  be a bit confusing.  At our core we teach Crossfit, but over the years we have begun [...]

Levers, Muscle Ups and Handstand walks

An action packed Friday skills class with all sorts of useful Crossfit and gymnastic related skills. Handstands, muscle ups and levers simply need consistent work and application. For the Crossfit approach check out the skills class: for the gymnastic approach, look at our Adult gymnastic programmes! Peter is very near his 1st  (strict) muscle up, [...]

Skills class fun

Big fun tonight at skills class with some front flip play time followed by some handstand walk drills Then loads of muscle up and headstand to handstand abuse. Well done every one. See you on Tuesday.

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