Crossfit Injury Rates

At any time, somewhere in the world, an inadequate sport scientist or deluded therapist is about to initiate another defective study on injury and injury rates in CrossFit.  Let’s face it; if they didn't tag their post as "CrossFit Injuries " no one would care, no one would look at it. It would go as [...]

Andy Bolton Powerlifting Seminar

As the first man to deadlift 1,000 lbs and the holder of the WPO World Record Total at 1,273kg, safe to say Andy Bolton knows a thing or two about powerlifting. With the increasing popularity of our Powerlifting Club and Strongman classes, this seminar will help push your training to the next level, whether you [...]

Heavy Metal Club

Formally known as "Max Out" this newly named class offers a great opportunity for you to work on your Olympic lifting and power lifting movements. This fresh opportunity will be open to all athletes both level 2 upwards with the only prerequisite being that you know your lifting percentages and can complete all the movements [...]

Join our Strongman class

Barbells are ok.  But to be truly functional, you have to be able to move and manipulate awkward objects, be they concrete balls, stupidly big tyres, sand bags or   yokes with insane amounts of weight on. Obviously it would really prepare you for  a crisis if you could mix and match  awkward strength with [...]

Olympic Weightlifting at Crossfit London

We are pleased to announce a re-formatting of some of our classes to satisfy demand for a specialised Olympic Lifting program delivered across 3 sessions per week; if you want to target your Olympic Lifts and see your numbers go through the roof, these sessions are for you!  The program will be overseen by Chloe [...]

Crossfit London graduates

Todays crossfit london graduates. Each weekend we teach people to olympic weight lift from scratch, and kettlebell, and deadlift and pull up and ring dip. Fitness depends on how well you move. Crossfit London aspires to the highest movement standards on your behalf. Let us teach you the basics, then help you optimise  them. Click [...]

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