Should we have a monthly fast day?

by Andrew on November 6, 2011

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Modern day weightlosers and health seekers are bombarded with loads and loads of diets. Before we had to wait until this years nutty diet hit  the book stands. These days, because of the internet, a  diet regime can be up and running in minutes.

One of the interesting ideas that is currently floating about is an  intermittent fasting go a day without food.

So, here is the task. Can we conclude that this is safe to recommend and layout guidelines for those who want to have  ago, and is there any evidence that an occassional fast does any good at all?

So my 1st swipe at this was

1) it may be a good idea to have  a practise at going  a day without food and see how you go. This isnt based on any diet ideas, merely the observation that its all too possible to get stuck in a mini crisis ( during the oil blockade a few years ago some shops started looking quite sparse: during the recent snow, some got stuck in their cars overnight). In short it appeals to the hidden geek survivalist in me: (could I make snares out of wool in my jumper and 2 pens… etc.)  We have fire drills at work: maybe we should have hunger drills

2) the rest of the world frequently goes without food for a day. Whats it like?

3) many religions mention  and make use of fast.

4) it is being touted as  a diet in certain sites



Who ought not to ?

If  we are to produce the ultimate fasting guide, we probably need to suggest that people taking medication should consult their doctors. Sally pointed out that lactating mothers probably shouldnt. Id add to this airline pilots,  merchant bankers who could buy billions of pounds worth of toxic debt at the flick of a drowsy finger could beware , people who are driving? Who else I wonder?


Nothing to eat does not mean nothing past the lips

katatina produced a very interesting talk about the effect of hydration on performance which she gave  at the last runners clinic. You must drink water


The problem with fasting is that it could be associated with abusive eating habits. Does lack of food mean you will eat your own muscle, will you binge at the end of the fast, will you get drowsy and fall over??


So, what can you do?

We need to find what science exists, what experiences people have, and what advice is out there. ( and if its science or speculation).So post away

But here are a few  participation observation/rules. At this stage, we need to get the basic information in. Im not overly anxious to start detailed critique of the sources here. We will do that when everything is collected.  It will help  if when  you find blogs/ reports – dont just blanket paste website details – see if you can summarise the thrust of the argument as well.

Assuming we can put some literature together, we may see if we can get some volunteers together to give it a go and get some blood tests done?



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