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Limited edition tees/tanks April 2017: Gryphon


Here is your chance to get Crossfit London’s latest limited edition garment, the London Gryphon design on T-shirts and ladies tanks. Printed front and back on Stanley Stella Leads Organic T-shirts, and Bella + Canvas Triblend ladies racerback tanks. Merchandise available on black, red and grey. Only available til the end of this month.

Reserve and buy here!

Tees Vest_frontandback_Gryphon

Reserve and buy here!

We’ve partnered with Print Social to bring you a new purchase method. Once your order is ready it will be shipped either to the gym, or directly to your door. This means we can now ship all over the world as well as pick-ups in the gym at the following rates:

  • Collect from the gym: £1.00
  • Standard shipping: £2.95
  • Recorded delivery: £4.95
  • International (anywhere in the world): £7.95

You have a 30 day window to make your purchase, during which we need at least 5 orders for the printing to go ahead (we’re not worried). At the end of the 30 days, all the orders will be shipped out with your preferred shipping method.

Previously, all the apparel has been stored on site, causing problems with stock getting damaged, going missing, or you showing up and finding someone else has taken the last in your size. It might take a little longer, but now we can guarantee to have your size and guarantee that someone sweaty hasn’t already tried it on.

Reserve and buy here!

Animal Flow and Mobility Workshop: 29 April 2017

Animal flow Yoga Sui

Come join our Yoga coach Sui Wong for a fun workshop on Saturday 29th April 2017 14:30-16:00!

Animal Flow is an innovative fitness programme that combines a wide range of ground-based movement combinations, emphasising multi-planar fluid movement. These movements are designed to have a carry-over into whatever training discipline or sport you currently practice.

In this 1.5 hour workshop we will learn movements from the Animal Flow system, using these movements for metabolic activation and body-weight strengthening. We will then playfully link these movements into dynamic flows. During this workshop Sui will also incorporate mobility drills to complement the Animal Flow movement.

Learn skills in this workshop that you can incorporate into a stand-alone workout or into your fitness training. Come have fun and flow!


Review from last Animal Flow workshop at CrossFit London:

“The recent Animal Flow workshop did not fail to be Animal flow Yogaboth fun and challenging. While many of the poses will seem familiar, the combination of different disciplines and dynamic movement will not fail to push you out of your physical comfort zone to really test your control and stability. The fact that Sui is a great instructor – passionate and dedicated, with a great sense of humour, only adds to the fun of this class.” – Steph K



Goodbye Rachel: “The Face” of CrossFit London



You may already be aware that today is Rachel’s last day coaching at CrossFit London. Rachel has been with CFL for 5 years and SE11 since it’s inception, and is a familiar and friendly face at both gyms; it is a sad farewell we say to her today.


The infamous eye-roll

As our resident aerialist, Rachel is always the Queen of upper-body strength; someone whose muscle-ups were the envy of all and the go-to coach for anyone who was still searching for that elusive pull-up. She ran the very successful Ropes and Rings class for many years, before more recently taking on the CrossFit Gymnastics and Skills class; I suspect there’s a large proportion of our members who were taught to climb a rope by Rachel.

The thing we will miss most about Rachel is her wit, humour and pleasant nature. You won’t find a friendlier coach this side of ‘The North’ and you’ll be hard-pressed to remember a day when she was grumpy or short-tempered; always with a smile on her face and a tongue-in-cheek eye-roll when someone did something stupid.

You’ll see Rachel around, both at CFL and SE11, for the remainder of the Open and she’s, of course, always welcome her back to show off while upside-down.

But a picture paints a thousand words, so I’ll let some Rachel snaps do the rest of the speaking.


On the CF Gymnastics Course in 2015


Our emotions right now


“Oh, you only have kipped muscle-ups?”