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Goodbye Rachel: “The Face” of CrossFit London



You may already be aware that today is Rachel’s last day coaching at CrossFit London. Rachel has been with CFL for 5 years and SE11 since it’s inception, and is a familiar and friendly face at both gyms; it is a sad farewell we say to her today.


The infamous eye-roll

As our resident aerialist, Rachel is always the Queen of upper-body strength; someone whose muscle-ups were the envy of all and the go-to coach for anyone who was still searching for that elusive pull-up. She ran the very successful Ropes and Rings class for many years, before more recently taking on the CrossFit Gymnastics and Skills class; I suspect there’s a large proportion of our members who were taught to climb a rope by Rachel.

The thing we will miss most about Rachel is her wit, humour and pleasant nature. You won’t find a friendlier coach this side of ‘The North’ and you’ll be hard-pressed to remember a day when she was grumpy or short-tempered; always with a smile on her face and a tongue-in-cheek eye-roll when someone did something stupid.

You’ll see Rachel around, both at CFL and SE11, for the remainder of the Open and she’s, of course, always welcome her back to show off while upside-down.

But a picture paints a thousand words, so I’ll let some Rachel snaps do the rest of the speaking.


On the CF Gymnastics Course in 2015


Our emotions right now


“Oh, you only have kipped muscle-ups?”


Member(s) of the Week: 3 March 2017

This week’s Member of the Week goes to – two people!

Alex Sansbury & Josh Clark

Why big up one amazing athlete, when you can big up two! Power couple Alex & Josh are regulars at Metcon, L2, Oly, Accessory Conditioning and more recently Strongman. Since attending a Taster session with Andrew back in August 2015, they got on with the serious business of clocking up over 400 hours of training with us.
But CrossFit London can’t claim to have got them started: Alex is a second generation CrossFitter, her parents throwdown regularly and are in the Open!
These two are always a pleasure to have in class, great fun and always friendly. High five their joint success this week.
The Witty Ninja heart the Beast in Directional Leggings.
IMG_4754 IMG_4751

Rowing Seminar (Open prep)


The Open is fast approaching and there’s a few movements we can guarantee will feature: thrusters, pull-ups, burpees (eurgh) and, of course, rowing. Last year it was rowing, deadlifts, wall-balls and HSPUs in week 3. The year before it was rowing and thrusters in week 5. We don’t know when, and we don’t know with what combination of movements, but it will happen.


With only 5 rowers we don’t get to practice our rowing technique as much as we would like, so in the run-up to the Open our resident rowing expert, Tim Harley, is going to run two seminars specifically to prepare you for the challenge of the Open.IMG_6768

Tim has been rowing since he was 15 and after falling in love with the sport, went on to row and captain various state crews back in Australia. He’s also competed at Youth Olympics and Henley Royal Regatta and has 5 years of elite experience at University, State and National levels. So, safe to say he knows a thing or two about rowing. Take a look at all the pictures here; they’re not stock photos, these are all pictures of Tim in action.

The sessions will run on the following days in 9 Malcolm Place:

  • Friday 17th February – 17:30
  • Sunday 19th February – 9:30

The sessions will be limited to 10 people (2 per rower), and will contain a warm up, plenty of rowing technique, as well as tips, tricks and strategy before you put them into practice in an Open-style workout. Each session will have a different workout, so feel free to book in to both if you want the extra practice.

Even if you don’t plan on entering the Open, these sessions will be invaluable for improving your rowing technique and performance, and a rare opportunity to learn from an expert in the sport.