CrossFit London workouts

Yoga for crossfit London

Making plans for the weekend?  Make sure you book a place in our  Yoga for Crossfit class! Sunday 2-3pm 10 Malcolm Place – book online. This class is open to all! Why is this bespoke yoga class relevant to what you do as an athlete or Crossfitter? Part 1: the physical gains…. For this bespoke [...]

Lunchtime WOW

Iis a WOW every wednesday ( Workout on Wednesday) and lunch times are especially fabulous. Today we had me , one of the oldest trainers, ever , helped by Naomi Gibson, Naomi  is one of London's few women ABA boxing coach's  as well as an  elite crossfitter. and soon to be the Tuesday lunchtime coach at [...]

Stop whining: day 4 of 30. Handstand challenge

This is  a simple challenge. Each day you accumulate 30 seconds of free standing handstand practice, be it 3o x 1 second or 3 x 10 seconds. Today there are no hints.  Go and do your practice!

Stop whining: day 2 of 30: the handstand challenge

This is an easy challenge. Accumulate 30 seconds of free balancing handstand practice. it could be 30 kick ups, or maybe you manage 15 x 2 seconds. 1 x 10 second and 20 1 seconds. Im sure you can see the mathematics! Todays tip: spread your fingers and grip the floor. See if you can [...]

APFT: Test your fitness

How about a bit of old school fitness testing? It's really easy, required no equipment and can be done anywhere, which makes it a great holiday 'WOD'. My classes last night all took the test for the first two components, and are encouraged to do the last one in the next few days. From Wikipedia: [...]

Lunchtime Turnout

Well, as normal it was a good turn out on this hot Wednesday lunchtime, but it was a turnout that came to turn out...... The top of the ring dip, isn't a collapse, its a beautiful turn out ( or external rotation). A bit of partner work got the rings and the wrist out into [...]

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