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The Crossfit London Programme April 2016

Finally we have relented and decided to post some of the Crossfit London programme online so you have some idea what it is you’ll be challenged with over the next 30 days or so.  Certainly it will stop you doing heavy squats the day before and walking into more heavy squats the next day.

Crossfit London was the 1st ever Crossfit affiliate in the UK (by several years). Since 2005 we have experimented with many types of programming. Believe me there are thousands of competing types  of programme out there.

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Lunchtime WOD fun

A lovely lunchtime Thursday session kicked off  with some rope climb practice.

T’was great fun.

Then we had  good look at the snatch deadlift with a bit of hook grip . We were reminded of  the importance of comparison. By building up your heavy  snatch grip deadlift, the actual snatch doesn’t feel as bad. I recalled some  Romantic snatch advice from the past.


Then it was onto the Strength orientated WOD a 12 minute EMOM comprising 5 front squats (80%) on the odd minutes, 10 weighted  sits ups on the even minutes. Not a “gaser”, but really potent for those looking to nail  squat form  Some fantastic squat improvements.


Then, with the help of leading massage therapist Julien we looked at a  stretch variation to help my continued obsession with everyone getting a nice front split: all you needed was one of Sui’s Yoga straps, a bar, and VOILA

front split drill at crossfit london

front split drill at crossfit london

But it was a sad lesson. Jay is off to warmer climates and may never come back. We wish him well in his travels, his new life and hope he comes back sometime in the future.

Jay we will miss you.



We train just outside the city in Bethnal Green E2 ( so our prices are reasonable not “fantasy broker rates”), we teach you  from scratch how to lift properly and well. We get you to squat so you don’t blow your knees out, snatch and clean like an athlete, and we have a fascinating array of support classes: strongman and a lively Adult Gymnastic programme.

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Double under with Agnes at Crossfit London

Do you want some double unders?  If you have double unders, would you like a triple under? Book your place on the double/triple under master class on saturday 19th December 2-4pm (see below for overly specific (fussy) time tabling issues).   Only £20


I think you should be able to do a single skip to attend!

Did you fancy working on the triple?


who is Agnes


check out her facebook page


Book your space on her Crossfit london Double/Triple under Masterclass 19th December.  The initial plan is to have a both sides open with a warm up/practice area and a teaching area: Agnes will teach  the beginner lesson in 10 Malcolm place 2-3pm while the more advanced ones practice in 9 Malcolm place  or sneak and sneak a  peak at the class. At 3pm the groups switch over. THAT SAID: it does depend on those who book: If  we have  more beginners we may  skew the timing a bit into 3  x 40 ( 2 shorter beginners sessions and 1 advanced……Im probably muddling this a bit, but at £20, it will be well worth it!

If you want some more info, email Andrew

In the meantime, get the FREE Double Under  App designed by Coach Kate, featuring  Coach Carolyn