CrossFit London workouts

Benchmarks: holding out for a Hero

L2 Benchmarks is an opportunity to try out one/two per class of the special WODs in the CrossFit canon. These can be Hero WODs (memorials for CrossFitters who have passed in the line of duty), CrossFit Games workouts, or The Girls (Fran, Cindy etc). At the CrossFit London class, we group these together under the [...]

Rocking it at Skills Class: “ablickingtastic”

Another big fun night  at skills class with rope climbs, muscle ups, shoulder , head and handstands with some freestanding headstand to handstand push up work ( very much in Progress!). Some nice first steps in the handstand walk. I'd like to say sorry for the L sit, Leg raise, dish hold/rock combo at the [...]

May’s Crossfit London Programme

May's Crossfit London Programme 1) You'll see again strength movements varying from light to heavy loads so there will be plenty of opportunities to test your lifts and push yourselves. 2) Every week we have a benchmark WOD so do find your previous scores to see how much you've improved. If that's your first time [...]

Working your ring muscle-up drills

For years we have been teaching people how to muscle-up on gymnastic rings. Its a  fairly easy job of  working some basic drills.  Two of the core drills that you need to build into your  ring training are here . To make our classes super interesting, ofcourse we add lots of other drills.  Deep [...]

The Crossfit London Programme April 2016

Finally we have relented and decided to post some of the Crossfit London programme online so you have some idea what it is you'll be challenged with over the next 30 days or so.  Certainly it will stop you doing heavy squats the day before and walking into more heavy squats the next day. Crossfit [...]

Lunchtime WOD fun

A lovely lunchtime Thursday session kicked off  with some rope climb practice. T'was great fun. Then we had  good look at the snatch deadlift with a bit of hook grip . We were reminded of  the importance of comparison. By building up your heavy  snatch grip deadlift, the actual snatch doesn't feel as bad. I [...]

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