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Problems with your kipping pull ups and Double unders?

kipping and double unders

There are 2 skills you need to excel in a CrossFit class.

They are the kipping pull-up and double under’s.

To be honest, to learn them takes a while.

However,  that learning needs to be based on several drills that you need to know. Once you have these drills, it’s sort of easy!

Knowing the drills helps your self-practice,  and you’ll get more value out of the  Crossfit London warm-ups, where we drip feed skills practice in every mesocycle.

However, drip feeding individual drills can be helped if you can see all the skills in a single session. It also helps the coaches who don’t have to teach from scratch in an action packed class.

On Sunday we have a special “1.9” session at 9 Malcolm Place  E2 where you’ll be taken through the basic kipping drills and double under procedures.  It will boost your performance and is as good as a PT session ( just shared with 7 other people)

THE SMALL PRINT: you must bring your own  skipping rope

As an aside, if you have an i pad you can get our special double under  App for free.

This class is on the booking system for this Sunday at 10.30 am. Click here to book your space or visit the MBO  booking system.

If you cannot make this session,  why not approach your favorite trainer and organise a PT session?

Subject to take up, this may become a regular class!!


The kneeling Muscle up drill: helpful hints and alternative facts

Everyone needs a muscle up. If you have a muscle up your employer will promote you, strangers will smile at you and people you have just met  will admire you. Ive seen people with unruly cats go home after their  1st muscle up, and they tamed that Puss!

If you don’t have a muscle up, well, thats why bullies kick sand in your face at the beach. So, don’t chow down on that shitty shame sandwich: get a Muscle up!

So where do you start?

Obviously the Crossfit London programme that  constantly builds your pull up and dip strength is a great place to begin.  At the same time you are building that strength, start work on the  kneeling muscle up drill!

Voila! ( I cannot believe we are leaving the EU: Sob.  Anyway…)

Its awesome and works, and its going to be a regular level 2 drill.

But what if you cannot manage one kneeling muscle up? Well, get on your feet and let your legs help you a bit more.

As I mention, if you are tough person, add 3 or 4 dips after the transition and get those rings as high as you can. This move is  learned through progressive repetition, relentless strength building and “getting your head” around the mechanics. Your trainers and coaches can boost your performance through 121 sessions too. I know the skills team are planning lots of support in the skills sessions and  some extra   resources   to build  both strict and kipping versions

Ill make sure we provide lots of video and blog support

(FYI the 1st two paragraphs of this article maybe fake news. People may kick sand in your face because they simply don”t like you.)




Sorting out wrist pain

tim wrist pain

Wrist pan is awful and frustrating. It makes  you sit out workouts  you  know  could thrash, but cannot,  because  the moment your wrist bends back (extends) you are in agony. It also hurts. Hence the use of the term, PAIN.

 Here are several avenues for you to explore with our trainers to sort this issue out.

1) You probably  need to do more mobility work in your upper back: get to see anyone in the mobility  team (Kate Pankhust, Sui Wong, Jenny Nim ) they all know that the  nerves that come out of  your spine can effect the way your wrist feels.  Knots in your upper back, thoracic immobility can really hang nerves up. Read this interesting article and get a session booked with them .Obviously they will look into your naughty rotator cuff,  further down your arm, your forearm and your wrist .

Obviously if you’ve been diagnosed with a contagious neck  and upper back eating illness and wrist plague,  take your doctors advice. However,  if you suspect that years of hunching over your computer has locked up  your upper back, get it mobile. Obviously shoulder, arm and wrist massage,  needling , flexibility , taping, retraining can all help.

 2) All our training team  can get you to strengthen up your firearms: Strengthen the flexion of your wrist, think wrist curls and squeezing tennis balls. Preferably your own.  Think , strong forearms, think Popeye forearms.  Our trainers will tell you how!

 3)  In class, reduce the amount of time you spend in  wrist flexion ( think  push up position).  Think about push ups and burpees  on dumbbells or paralletts, . We bought them , you should use them

 4)  Crucial ! Get a review session booked  with one of our amazing trainers and sort out your front squat, your push press and  your thrusters. The key to driving stuff off your shoulders, without wrist pain,  is a violent extension of the hips first and WHEN THE BAR IS MOVING , and only then ,  you  get your  full hand around it and you  press.

If you start your press  with your hands before your hip has kicked into the bar, you are simply driving the force into  your wrists, and slowing a powerful awesome movement down. Get your coaches to review. If you have wrist pain, this is probably what you do.

 If you chat to most of our trainers, I’m fairly sure they can do a quick 30 minute PT for £20,  £25