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Member of the Week: 22 September 2017

This week’s Member of the Week goes to

Tom Weinberg


Tom is our resident Strongman and Powerlifting beast!

He rocks up to my Tuesday evening Stongman with a smile, and no matter what I put on the board – love it or hate it – he just gets on with it! Granted he doesn’t love the cardio but won’t ever give up đŸ’ȘđŸŒ

It’s a pleasure to have you in my classes, even if I can feel your eyes burning into the back of my head when I mention Assault bikes.

Keep it up! 

Member of the Week: 15 September 2017

This week’s Member of the Week goes to

Jose Vidal de Sousa

My member of the week goes to Jose. Always smiling and willing to listen he’s a great asset to any class. Now a regular at Heavy Metal Club and also Accessory Conditioning Jose is usually dropping epic one liners and giving great bants whilst developing his technique and quietly making progress. Over the last few weeks especially I have been impressed with his new approach to sessions and his fearless way of tackling his goals and weaknesses, he’s been crushing weights and has dramatically improved technically whilst still remaining focused and humble and for that reason and the fact he’s one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet; he’s my member of the week.

Member of the Week: 8 September 2017

This week’s Member of the Week goes to

Adrienne Gin


This fierce Kiwi has been a member for as long as most of us can remember! Not only has her training been consistent and diligent, she has also been a player in the competition field. Notable and not exclusively CrossFit throwdowns and Box Battles but also Strongman comps and Tribal Clash more than once. She is sadly leaving our shores at some point this year and will be sorely missed by the CrossFit London team. We wish you all the very best for your adventures ahead and hope you come back and visit soon!!