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Member of the Week: 28 April 2017

This week’s Member of the Week goes to

Nelson De Oliveira



This guy has that old school work ethic. Turn up, bust your ass on the gym floor and leave. No questions, no complaints, just hard graft and great mental and physical attitude. On top of that he’s a nice bloke, always smiling even when he knows pure pain and suffering is heading his way, ready for a challenge at anytime and as I mentioned he goes hard in every class. It’s great to have a guy like that pushing the group and building others up around him. A real gentleman, athlete and pleasure to coach and to get to know.

Member of the Week: 21 April 2017

This week’s Member of the Week goes to

Rachael Parkman


IMG_6224How Rachael has managed to go this long without winning MotW is astonishing. Since she first joined in 2012, Rachael has been a familiar and friendly face at CFL: Level 2, MetCon, Oly Lifting, Powerlifting, Strongman, The Open, Flexibility, HMC, Rachael has done it all and her hard work has paid off (get her to show you a picture of herself back in 2012 the next time you see her).IMG_9003

Humble and self-deprecating (and I’m sure she’ll hate every photo here), Rachel is hard-working, convivial and dedicated, and embodies everything which CrossFitters (and just people in general) should be.

Don’t bother coming over to say ‘hello’ to her in a class, because odds are she’ll make her way to you first.


Member of the Week: 14 April 2017

This week’s Member of the Week goes to

Harriet Rennie


Some people start CrossFit and are so daunted by the intensity, the skill levels and everything there is to learn that they just quit. Harriet only started recently but has taken her noobness as a positive, training and learning as much as possible. The key to getting better is consistency and Harrie has shown plenty of it. Harrie often attends morning MetCons then hits a level 2 or my Skillz class in the evening. The results are impressive to say the least, not only on the conditioning side but in efficiency, cycling, and general gymnastic skill levels. Take a leaf out of Harrie’s book, train hard and consistently and you will invariably see results!