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CrossFit Powerlifting Spring 2017

img_0587If you’ve never attended a Powerlifting class before, the next two weeks will be the perfect time to dip your toe. With Anthony and Joe on Monday and Wednesdays at 17:30, then just before Strongman Sunday at 9:30, the primary goal of the CrossFit Powerlifting classes in to improve your overall strength by aggressively working the three power lifts: bench press, back squat and deadlift. The class follows a periodised lifting programme, with a load of CrossFit, bodybuilding and Strongman thrown in to keep things spicy.

Today marked the end of the current powerlifting cycle, with a full house of PBs in both the Saturday class at SE11 and the Sunday class at CFL. Next week will be retesting in Olympic Lifting before two brand new cycles start the week after (w/c Mon 3rd April).

In next week’s interim the Powerlifting classes will be running through 3 Powerlifting Benchmark WODs as we put some of this hard-earned strength to the test.

img_2343Monday: “Linda” (aka “The Three Bars of Death”)
Wednesday: “Coffey
Sunday: “T.J.

We don’t often get to do these kind of workouts, so make the most of the opportunity.

On Monday 3rd April, the new 12 week cycle kicks off, this time around following the Wendler 5-3-1 programme.