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Food: Join the revolution comrade!

As we mentioned last week, Kate and I will be starting a Food group/Weight management/ weight loss group at Crossfit london in October

We have not decided on a name for it, so suggestions welcome. We have already mentioned the idea of having a clear goal, but we thought we ought to explain the underpinning rational of  our  food group and what we, in a nut shell, intend to do .

The whole diet industry is either led by fraudsters or moron scientists. The more you view obesity as a macronutrient issue, and promote “diets” and exercise the more you guarantee failure.

That’s “Guarantee” failure.

People who control their weight successfully, tend to eat and drink in moderation,  eat a range of predominately healthy foods . They probably don’t consume excess amounts of sugar or salt. They probably don’t eat many trans-facts. They are probably lower glycemic index sugar orientated, are inclined towards a mediterranean diet model, have healthy fats, are probably fresher food orientated.

Unless you are a  moron, you already know this.

But one of the many fascinating food group tasks will be a food diary and a way of monitoring this type of better diet, so of course we will remind and  embed better eating. But, listing better foods is like listing non-alcoholic drinks for a drunk.

In short, everyone has been looking in the wrong place for inspiration. Comparative techniques from alcohol and drug abuse are useful, and  indeed are already factored in to the drills and skills we will teach you. The  ant-smoking lobby has lots of useful hints and tips so they are in their too.

All useful.

All, not the real answer.

By the real answer, none account for, or  create  a  genuine  “a strategic architecture” that links all the aspects and techniques of weight management together.

The current model is that you start a diet ( paleo/Zone, “stuff a pear up your bum diet”)  and use a  technique, like brushing your teeth ( its actually an interesting technique, but I’m going to analyse it here) and if you cannot stick to it you are  a failure.You sign up for some classes get weighed, get abused, and get educated ( dust is better the a deep fried Mars bar) and voila, nothing happens. You feel a failure

We say these models are  fundamentally  wrong as they pretend to be the strategic architecture whereas  eating Paleo, having more protein, less sugar, whatever, are simply  techniques.

When your back is against the wall, you don’t stay loyal to techniques. It is after all, just a technique. As human beings though, we  can get hooked into causes. We may be law abiding citizens , but for the right issue, the right cause, we will link arms and sit down in front of the police singing, “we will not be moved”. You may not have enough courage to tell an abuser to leave their victim  alone but maybe you could whisper “help is  out there, don’t give up”

The model to crack obesity exists and it exists in the literature of revolution. The French,  the Russian and American revolution lay down surprisingly similar pathways to changing the status quo.

We don’t need you to start a diet, we need you to start a revolution in your  mind, your heart and your souls.  You were born free, and yet everywhere you are in chains to oppressive eating habits that make you ill

Obesity is the oppressor, and there is  a better way to live your life

Like any campaign, it takes time to build a movement. To gather support, to slowly see the weaknesses of the oppressor, to start attending “political meetings, read “revolutionary literature”……

So if you went to a diet club for one meeting you are on the road.  If you read a diet book, or thought about walking a bit more , or  put one donut down for 1 minute before eating it. Well done

You joined the revolution.

Each time you hesitate before eating crap, you  are joining in the well known pattern of civil disobedience: Each time you take 5 more steps than your Obesity regime wanted you  to, you ease its grip. You have never, ever failed. You were simply preparing.

Read a bit more about the patterns of revolution here

Once you win these battles,  the  trivial issue of eating correctly is easy.

More info and idea’s soon




SoulWOD: get stuff done

One of the hardest things is making your day productive rather than being sucked into  a fire storm of trivia and interruptions.

Whilst life makes it difficult to detail your plan every day, its probably as well to get some targets and tasks set the night before.

The Lee Harvey Method is worth considering. Its stupidly simple and basic

  1. At the end of today,  write down the six most important things you need to do tomorrow.  Nothing more.  6 only.
  2. Put  those six items in order of their  real  importance.
  3. Tomorrow focus and finish the 1st task . Finish it.
  4. Then move on to the second task, finish it. Any tasks let, carry them forward till tomorrow
  5. Revisit this process every working day.

SoulWOD 16 June: Zen and the art of the Side split: learn

So, we have some side split drills, and I bet you are not doing them! Not doing stuff is the most common cause of failure.

In fairness not trying isn’t failure. Its, not trying.

Not trying is , though the major cause of not reaching your goals. BUt lets be a bit more positive. Lets say you are practicing the whole moves, doing the swings the reps and the holds. well, now its time to begin to understand the joint:

Dig some books out, look at the hip joint, understand the bones, the joints, the muscles, the fascia. If you don’t understand them, get to recognise all the strange names. You may need to visualise bones and muscles:

Get to understand what covers the joint, what effects hip flexibility. Wanting something often isn’t enough. Understanding it  is super important.

Learn your stuff