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Chinese-Style Olympic Lifting Seminar with Gaby Q of Venus Weighlifting

Venus Weightlifting Tour

Back in 2014, Gaby Q was a familiar face at CrossFit London, before moving to China and setting up her own gym: Venus Weightlifting Club.


Venus Weightlifting Club is the first and, so far, the biggest weightlifting club in China, with more than 300 members, and official partner of the Chinese Weightlifting Association. The club is aimed at promoting Chinese-style Olympic weightlifting as well as host of the best amateur weightlifting competition in the country. The VW Club also hosts the Venus Weightlifting Cup: the biggest amateur weightlifting competition in China. This year it was held in the very heart of Shanghai city and 145 athletes from six countries competed.


As the foundGaby Qer of VWC, Gaby has trained with several top coaches in China which including Wang Guoxin, the head coach of Chinese weightlifting national women’s team. Gaby is also a CrossFit level 2 trainer and CrossFit Weightlifting Level 2 trainer.


While she’s back in the UK over the Christmas period, Gaby has offered to hold a seminar at CrossFit London to introduce our members to some of the intricacies of Chinese-style lifting. This two hour seminar to be held on Wednesday 28th Sept from 18:30 in 10 Malcolm Place. The seminar will include:

1 Main concepts of Chinese-style olympic weightlifting.

2. The difference between the Chinese lift and the European lift.

3. The signature ‘Duck Walk’.

4. Venus Barbell Warmup for weightlifting.

5. Q&A Session.


Venus Weightlifting Tour

The cost for the two hour session is £15, and you can book in here via workshops.


Come prepared to lift with appropriate footwear, shorts, t-shirt and relevant accoutrements.


This is not a seminar for absolute beginners. You will need to have completed the CrossFit London Level 1 course (or equivalent) and be familiar with the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk.

Strongman Beginner's Class


The original CrossFit London beginner’s course consists of seven separate Level 1 classes and cover everything you need to know for our Level 2 and other CrossFit classes. However, if you wish to attend the Strongman sessions you will need to complete an eighth (optional) beginners class which build on the first seven.


The session will cover:

  • Atlas stones
  • Logs
  • Axle bars
  • Tyre flips
  • Farmer’s handles
  • Yoke holds and carries

If you wish to participate in the Strongman classes, there will be a Strongman beginners at 20:30 on the first Wednesday of every month in 10 Malcolm Place. Keep an eye out on the schedule.

Fix your Olympic lifts with Chloe Cassar

Every year, or so it seems, a new Olympic Weightlifting guru pops out of the wood work and proclaims a new olympic weightlifting secret .The reality is that  olympic weightlifting wisdom is fairly settled.
What newish lifters need to  focus on is not magic pills, but basic corrections to obvious faults!
In the forth coming Crossfit London Olympic weightlifting masterclass, we are going to unleash the amazing Chloe Cassar on your Clean and Jerk and Snatch, and she is going to try and fix  some of your more obvious faults.  Book here for her 14th May seminar

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