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Lululemon Pop-Up Shop

img_1522Founded in 1998 in Vancouver Canada, Lululemon are a Yoga-inspired, running, and fitness clothing brand for men and women. You will have seen coaches and members wearing their gear around the gym. Just take a glance at Rachel and Carolyn one day. Odds are you’ll be looking at head-to-toe Lululemon.


We’re pleased to announce that Lululemon will be coming down to CrossFit London to set up a pop-up shop specifically for CFL members at Wednesday 18th January from 17:00-20:00. You will be able to find them at the front of 10 Malcolm Place with a selection of apparel.

They’re also offering a special 15% discount for CFL members who purchase anything while they’re at the gym. This discount isn’t available in-store).

Power Yoga and Mobility class:


Yoga at Crossfit London, was always going to be different. More effective, more challenging, better taught.

Sui , our tutor, sequences classes by bringing together the benefits of mindful movement meditation and flow of Yoga and Animal Flow, combining this with latest scientific understanding of  ‘anatomy trains’ meridians and fascia, getting inspiration from body-weight, calisthenics training, and Kelly Starrett’s Crossfit Mobility Certification training.

The class starts with dynamic energetic flows, linking movement with breath.  Focus is on sequences to improve mobility in shoulders and hips, and sequences to build core strength.  Hand balancing is sometimes included to enhance the playful challenge, always optional!   A variety of techniques will be used to enhance functional flexibility and mobility training, including mobility tools (eg balls, rollers or straps), proprioceptive neural facilitation (PNF) techniques and partner work. The class will close with a guided body-scan relaxation based on mindfulness techniques.  This is a fun friendly class.  All levels are welcomed!

This class links so many aspects of what we do at Crossfit London together: Crossfit, Olympic weightlifting, Power lifting,  Gymnastics, Tumbling, Met-Con, even rowing  are all linked by mobility.

Our class combines the old, with cutting edge methodologies. An appropriate focus on meditation is exactly what many of our busy, successful  clients need.

Crossfit London Yoga classes are reality checked. At least half of our  class  members are  athletes who back flip,  lift heavy weight and do amazing workouts,  They need to learn genuine skills. They need to boost their performance. Mobility for them isn’t an option, its a fundamental need. They go to this class, because it delivers that. Even if you work in an office, these sessions will help you

Join them. Book here  (navigate to sunday!!)

These classes link in with our team of amazing therapists. Kate Pankhurst of Magic Thumb , supported by Andrew Stemler . They fix  many of our athletes with an impressive array of methodologies from the humble thumb, Rock Tape,  Medical Dry needing, trigger points,myofascial release, M.E.T and sometimes a rewire of how you move and think about your pain.

Tuesday Gymnastic Strength Fun

As I promised, here is some outline guidance to some of the moves we did last night in our gymnastic strength level 1 class.

Build in a daily shoulder  and frog stand. Start at 1 or 2 seconds, build up to 15, 30 or 60 seconds ( these extracts may be  bit small. Apologies)
frog and shoulder stand

and  add the head stand.


Adult gymnastics at Crossfit London in Bethnal Green  is super fun start today!!

These moves also help with your yoga class