CrossFit Beginners

CF Beginners

If you’re a CrossFit newby and want to learn new physical skills, this is where you begin. We need to give you a basic skill set; having skill means you move better and more safely and effectively.

You will carry out seven hours of basic training and learn some fantastic skills. This is CrossFit Level 1. After that you’ll be able to join our life-changing classes – we call them CrossFit Level 2.

Here is the exciting, motivating syllabus that awaits you that we have broken down into seven lessons lasting one hour each.


Squats are the most basic of human movements and almost no one can do them properly. We often see elite athletes and self-styled, “leading” personal trainers who cannot perform a simple air squat properly – let alone the front squat and overhead squat. Once we have taught you how to do these moves safely, you’ll be nearer to making effective use of your training time. I doubt if anyone is as good at teaching these skills to beginners as we are – unless we taught them!

                                                                                      The air squat


To be the person you want to be, you need to be able to push weight above your head. People with amazing physiques almost always have the ability to press, push press and push jerk stuff over their head. Learn how with us. It gives you amazing insight into how good your core, shoulders, coordination and above all your balance really is. Learn these skills, train them, and fitness goodness will be yours.

  The Press


This is probably the simplest move we teach in our beginners programme, but it’s the toughest to get. If you sit hunched up over your desk, it’s going to be a challenge to learn a new healthy back position. It takes a bit of a mental rewire to use your legs, bum and posterior chain to lift stuff, rather than haul it through your poor overworked spine. Many people who have been “deadlifting” for years,are blown away with the structured, kind, (but insistent) way we teach this essential move. Deadlifting badly isn’t on our agenda, and shouldn’t be an option for you.

     The Deadlift


No matter how fit you are, if you cannot pull up, dip or push up, your present fitness standard falls well short of ours. We will teach you the core skills to achieve these moves over the next few months. We have lots of substitutions, meaning you can enter our classes straight away giving you the chance to build these skills.



We need you to swing and snatch a kettlebell beautifully. We teach you how to use your hips to move load and weight. A super-useful skill to have.

Kettlebell swing


Then it’s on to the “crème de la crème” of powerful, safe, effective, fun movements; The Olympic lifts. These barbell moves are way more than just simple, thuggish strength; it’s about the effective application of force while moving heavy objects quickly and safely. The barbell snatch teaches you to move weight from the ground to overhead in one smooth movement.


                      The Snatch


The second of the Olympic lifts is the clean & jerk. This is where you lift the bar from the floor to shoulder height, before jerking it overhead in one smooth movement.


            Split jerk

We teach these moves almost every weekend (Except specialist seminars or competition weekends), but most weekends.

You’ll see on our booking system that you can book:

Level 1.4, 1.3 and 1.5: Saturday.

Level 1.1, 1.2, 1.6 and 1.7: Sunday.

Obviously you want to do them all as soon as possible, but;

1) We appreciate you may want to get all seven classes done in one weekend, but we advise against this. It’s better to spread them out over two, three or four weekends. – there is no rush! New movement can make you quite sore the morning after, so take it easy.

2) Approach it as you will, although do L 1.1 and 1.2 before 1.6 and 1.7

Level 1.8 Strongman Beginners

img_1711Our Strongman L1 classes run on the first Wednesday of every month at 20:30. This is an optional Level 1 which takes you through the Strongman basics: atlas stones, yokes, axle bars, logs and tyre flips.

You need to complete this class to attend the Strongman classes. However, you can attend the other mainstream classes without completing Level 1.8.


CrossFit Beginner Class Schedule

CrossFit beginner L1 classes are on Saturday and Sunday. To browse the latest schedule, click here (you will need to navigate to Saturday and Sunday)

Once you have completed your seven CrossFit Level 1 – congratulations! You are now ready to join our more experienced class, CrossFit Level 2.


  • Single session pass – £15
  • 5 sessions pass – £65
  • 10 sessions pass – £110

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