Experienced CrossFitters


Experienced CrossFitters will appreciate the great programming, friendly atmosphere and exceptional coaching at CrossFit London. If you’ve just completed our beginners’ CrossFit Level 1 classes, you’ll already know this. Congratulations! You’re now ready to enter our life-changing classes at CrossFit Level 2.

CrossFit Level 2

CrossFit Level 2 is a classic CrossFit class. Here the learning curve continues with a warm up, a barbell strength section and/or a skills section, finishing with the Workout of the Day (WOD). Whether you’re booked in to a morning, lunchtime or evening class; our outstanding coaches will deliver the same Level 2 syllabus. The class content changes every day, so you never know quite what you’re in for!

Each Level 2 class is guided and coached throughout. If you’re fresh out of CrossFit Level 1, you’ll find it an interesting step-up in terms of intensity; but don’t worry, the coaches are here to look after you, keeping you happy and motivated!

This class is open to everyone who has graduated from our CrossFit Level 1 program, or experienced CrossFitters who’ve completed a CrossFit foundations programme elsewhere. Drop-ins from out of town, or athletes wanting to change Box – you’re all very welcome at CrossFit London!

As a CrossFit Level 2, you can also access our Powerlifting Club and Olympic Weightlifting Club 


The Metcon class is a bootcamp-style series of short, high-intensity workouts. CrossFit’s fundamental moves are here, but without barbells. You will use kettlebells, dumbells, medballs, skipping, ring-rows, sprints, etc in this high-energy, low-skill class. MetCon class allows athletes to spend time building a better metabolic engine, with an emphasis on moving with quality at high intensity rather than going heavy. We achieve this using intervals, circuits and infinite movement variety. This makes MetCon a great addition, not only to newbies fresh out of Level 1, but also the more seasoned CrossFitters looking for lighter, faster session. MetCon improves power, endurance, sports performance, and is a great way to burn calories if that’s what you’re after.

Crossfit Level 3.

This class bridges the gap between level 2 and 4. As its an off peak class we can allow you more practice time, and the ability to string skills together: having a muscle up, handstand push up is great, but you have to string them together. Long term, you need to capacity to do 2 Wods in a day, not just one. The full description is here

Competition  Focus Class. Level 4

CrossFit London’s Competition Focus classes are for those of our members who have experience of competing or who have an intention to do so. The aim of these classes is to prepare our athletes for the demands of competition and there is an emphasis on barbell cycling, higher level gymnastics skills (such as MUs and handstand walks) and competition-style WODs.

There is an expectation that those attending these classes will compete for CrossFit London, so some experience of competition, perhaps in the Open or in London Box Battles, is important.

For entry to these classes, you should be completing most of the WODs in the L2 & L3 classes as rx’d.  You should also have reasonable form in the Olympic lifts, squats and deadlifts and the ability to perform the standard CrossFit gymnastics movements (pull-ups, c2b, t2b, pistols, MUs, HSPUs) for reps under intensity, rather than simply as a skill.  And, of course, a pretty good engine!

If you are interested in attending these classes, speak with Tim Lawrence Tim@crossfitlondonuk.com.

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  • 10 sessions pass – £110

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