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Excellent saturday workout

Crossfit london Wod

If you were worried about your physical work rate and mental resolve, today’s workout at CrossFit London would have developed your capacity beautifully.

This session looked to develop your double under skills and your brute back squat strength. We tweaked and nudged your squat form towards excellence. We looked at lower back stability, neutral neck, and low bar position today. Some amazing back and neck saving improvements.

You can always tell you are a  CrossFit London session.  Our teachers watch you like hawks and are always feeding back to you and the group. about improvements.

It’s our hall mark!

Todays WOD in our Bethnal Geen Gym was  quite a taxing and relentless one

50 air squats

50 double unders

then 3 rounds  of 14 deadlifts and 20 bar hops

followed by 50 air squats.

then another 3 rounds of

14 deadlifts and  20 bar hops.

then onto the finishing sprint of 50 squats and 50 double unders.

With a bit of rest, the right supplements and a great diet,  that should set you up for Tuesdays Benchmark Cindy test.

Today was “no shoulder day” as we are possibly the only affiliate to balance our training regime. Bearing in mind you only really improve when you recover, it’s essential that you give your shoulders ( and squat)  a regular rest day, especially if you want to workout every day.

Well, the spirit in the class was excellent: everyone started nailing some awesome back squats, and the way the class attacked the   WOD was an inspiration.

Thanks for being there!

WOD 19 August 2017


Back squat.

Sets of 3.


For time.

50x squats

50x double unders.

Then 3x rounds of.

14x deadlifts (80/60kg).

20x bar hops.

Then 50x squats.

Then 3x rounds of .

14x deadlifts (80/60kg).

20x bar hops.


50x double-unders.

50x air squats.


Looking to start with CrossFit London UK in Bethnal Green?

Find out more about our beginners programme here and you can book our Level 1 classes online here, or here for those with prior CrossFit experience.

If you have any other questions then you should be able to find the answers on the website but if you’re still stuck you can email me here.

Member of the Week: 18 August 2017

This week’s Member of the Week goes to

Yaad Hassan Gorodniuk


We’ve had some members quick to take their shirts off in a class but this week’s MOTW goes to the quickest we’ve ever seen: Yaad Hassan Gorodniuk.

Yaad is a mainstay in my Wednesday L2 class at Gales Gardens and is usually the progenitor of bantz. CrossFit is all about hard work and commitment but Yaad also serves as a reminder that we can have tons of fun while training hard. The coaches and I have never seen someone so quick to take the piss out of themselves.

His constant attempts at a love affair with married member Danny Steadman is hilarious to witness as demonstrated by these pictures.

Keep persisting, Yaad!