Class fees

The fees for CrossFit London services vary according to how often you are looking train. We have created a variety of packages to suit all training approaches.

Class prices are the same across the board for all CrossFit classes Gymnastics, Strongman, Olympic Weightlifting Club, Powerlifting Club and Yoga: you can mix and match which classes you attend here at CrossFit London and CrossFit SE11.

  • Single session pass – £15
  • 5 sessions pass – £65
  • 10 sessions pass – £110
  • 20 sessions pass – £190
  • 50 sessions pass – £425
  • 3x week monthly package (13 sessions a month) = £105
  • 5x week monthly package (21 sessions a month) = £155 (includes access to Self Training)

PLEASE NOTE: All our carnets and memberships have a time limitation on them.

The monthly package is valid from the date of your first booked-in class for 30 days.

‘Session passes’ are valid for number of sessions X weeks, beginning on the day the first class is booked. So: Five sessions are valid for five weeks, 50 sessions are valid for 50 weeks. The clock starts ticking when you book that first class.

NB. All the session passes and monthly packages are priced for individual use and cannot be shared by friends, couples, or groups.


You may cancel any booked class without penalty 12 hours before the start of a class. After that you will lose the session. If you cannot make it to class, the honourable thing is to cancel your session anyway so another athlete can benefit from the spare place.


Ensure you are able to reach the gym in time for class. If you are late for your class you may not be able to participate; this is at the coach’s discretion and their decision is final.


We don’t offer refunds. Our prices are already the most competitive in London and the deal is you use your passes within the time frame explained above. We encourage you, as adults, to buy a modest initial package (or a single session pass) and test that you like the classes, the venue and our teachers.

Personal training fees

  • Single CrossFit/Barbell PT session – £60
  • 5 CrossFit/Barbell PT sessions – £270
  • 10 CrossFit/Barbell PT sessions – £480
  • Single Gymnastics PT session – £60
  • 5 Gymnastics PT sessions – £270
  • CrossFit Beginners PT package (7 sessions) – £290

All prices include VAT at 20%.


We offer discounts to members of the Armed forces, Emergency services and full-time students
This does not apply to drop-ins – it is for regular members only.

If it does apply to you, follow these instructions:

  • Create a profile on our booking site. Do not buy any classes yet!
  • Email a copy of your professional/student ID to
  • Once we’ve confirmed that we’ve pushed all the right buttons for you, go ahead and buy your sessions/membership.
  • The discount applies at checkout.

NB, if you’re not applying for a discount, we don’t need your ID