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Crossfit Beginner Fun

Crossfit London level 1

Another batch of noble beginners,  decided to kick their training up to another level by starting their level 1 classes, where, uniquely in a group format, Crossfit London teaches you all those “difficult moves” that leisure centres avoid, using a step by step method mixed with lots of kindness .

Often, difficult to master ground based moves, are limited not by flexibility but by balance. In our classes we get our clients to start working on the balance problems with safe, effective, supportive drills , that work. In 1.1  we look at the air squat, the front squat and overhead squat, along with a bit of hanging work such as basket hangs  and  toes to bar . Along the way we start to  discuss some of  our abbreviations like  WOD ( Work Out of the Day) and AMRAP ( As Many Rounds as Possible)  and start introducing you to moving around the gym  ( actually called a Box) safely.

Here is a useful drill  that fixes your squat


Most sessions end with a mini WOD, but its not  set to be challenging, merely a light rehearsal of newly learned principles. In our sessions we focus on teaching skill, so whilst a flexibility drill may feature we don’t waste 15 minutes of your time on aerobic warm ups and endless stretching . We use the skill progression to warm you up for the  full range of motion skill you are about to do. Jogging around is a great warm up if you intend to run. Squat drills are the best warm up for squatting. Long term , for those serious about flexibility, we have some fantastic flexibility classes that really push your range of motion along.

So get some serious skills and join our beginner  classes now

Starting CrossFit in 2017: New Level 1 classes


January is a busy time at any gym, CrossFit Box or otherwise, and we want to make sure we’re giving you every opportunity to start your fitness journey with us at CrossFit London.

Before attending our Level 2 CrossFit classes – as well the other sessions we offer – you must first complete our Level 1 syllabus, which you can read about here. Our Level 1 course runs every weekend over 7 sessions, with the option to take on the classes at your pace.

img_6719However, we appreciate that the weekend isn’t suitable for everyone who wants to start training with us. Therefore, due to the increased demand in the New Year, for the first seven weeks of 2017 we will be running weekday Level 1s for those who can’t make the weekends. They will run every Wednesday at 17:30, with Coach Chloe in Gales Gardens starting with Level 1.1 on Wed 4th Jan and finishing with Level 1.7 on Wed 15th February.

You still have the option to complete the Level 1 syllabus using a Personal Training sessions, which you are also able to attend in 2s or 3s if you can convince your friends to come and split the cost with you.

Strongman Beginner's Class


The original CrossFit London beginner’s course consists of seven separate Level 1 classes and cover everything you need to know for our Level 2 and other CrossFit classes. However, if you wish to attend the Strongman sessions you will need to complete an eighth (optional) beginners class which build on the first seven.


The session will cover:

  • Atlas stones
  • Logs
  • Axle bars
  • Tyre flips
  • Farmer’s handles
  • Yoke holds and carries

If you wish to participate in the Strongman classes, there will be a Strongman beginners at 20:30 on the first Wednesday of every month in 10 Malcolm Place. Keep an eye out on the schedule.