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New Heavy Metal Club Tee



You will have seen some of our old stock up for sale around the gym over the last week. There’s still a few bits left (check out 9MP to have a look) but now our focus is on the new stuff.

It’s out with the old and in with the new, and we’re happy to introduce our first new t-shirt and vest of 2017: Heavy Metal Club – Skull & Barbell.




They’re printed on Bella & Canvas Tri-Blends in Charcoal Black and they’re available to buy here.

We’ve partnered with Print Social to bring you a new purchase method. Once your order is ready it will be shipped either to the gym, or directly to your door. This means we can now ship all over the world as well as pick-ups in the gym at the following rates:

  • Collect from the gym: £1.00
  • Standard shipping: £2.95
  • Recorded delivery: £4.95
  • International (anywhere in the world): £7.95

You have a 30 day window to make your purchase, during which we need at least 5 orders for the printing to go ahead (we’re not worried). At the end of the 30 days, all the orders will be shipped out with your preferred shipping method.

Previously, all the apparel has been stored on site, causing problems with stock getting damaged, going missing, or you showing up and finding someone else has taken the last in your size. It might take a little longer, but now we can guarantee to have your size and guarantee that someone sweaty hasn’t already tried it on.

2km Rowing Challenge: 29 November 2016


2,000 metres on the indoor rower is the gold standard for rowing athletes, used to compare themselves across a very competitive global population. Within CrossFit, rowing is, of course, a staple with many workouts incorporating it in different guises. It will certainly be making an appearance in The Open next year.


So, along with your usual 1 rep max strength tests, CrossFitters should know what their 2,000 metre row time is. Why? Well, the 2k is a great benchmark test of your endurance, mental ability and of course lung capacity. It is a tough lung buster workout but with the right pacing and strategy can be accomplished in a decent time.

On the 29th November our weekly rowing classes will be running a special session to allow you to test your 2,000m time. This is a great opportunity to test yourself surrounded by other CFL members, cheering you on to a great time!

We will be running 2 sessions on the night. One at 6.45pm for 10 people and a further 10 people at 7.45pm in the backroom at 9MP, switching to backroom of 10MP for the second session. We will have 5 people on the machines and the others to cheer and motivate, before swapping around. Rest assured you will be given a thorough warm up, race prep chat and chance to cool down before the next 5 start. The regular level 2 rowing crew will certainly be testing themselves and we hope that you will want to come and have a go yourself.

In the interimg_4324im classes before the big day, the Level 1 rowing class will continue to focus on technique with the Level 2 classes more geared towards prepping for the 2k challenge.

If you are interested in joining us for what will be a challenging but fun event, please sign up on mindbody.


All are welcome participate and, as ever, spectators and cheerleaders welcome too.

The Zone diet class

Welcome to your chance to tweak your diet.

We should be offering you the chance to loose kilo’s of weight overnight, with no effort, and become a model, or at least get abs that stick out, or cure cancer.


Here is the problem: People  who rush at healthy eating with a short term delusional goal quickly give up.  After all, you have spent years designing your current, slightly rubbish , slightly obesogenic,   slightly  cancerous  and  slightly inflammatory diet.

It’s unlikely that you’ll change it overnight , no matter how up for a change you claim to be, or how motivational your new diet guru is.

What you ideally need to do is to understand the general structure of  what a healthier diet looks like, gets some applicable principles, understand how you currently eat, then  nudge your diet in the right direction.

Not very motivational and hyped. I know.  The only thing that recommends this approach is its devastating effectiveness.

As a mechanical eating task , this isn’t particularly difficult. Nudges  require the merest, tiniest effort to achieve.

“try eating the apple , not the deep fried mars bar ” is often touted as great advice .

Gosh who knew.

But if we can get you to , drop the sweets, and rather than opt for the apple, opt  for the apple, and a bit of lean protein and a bit of healthy fat, you are well on your way to an effective, nutritious, healthy,  life supporting  food plan, that you can tweak and personalise.

Obviously if you are using food as an emotional and psychological crutch  in an addictive way , that’s a big game changer  and you’ll need extra support, but for now, if you can get the basics loaded in, it makes helping you easier.

Our zone class has been developed over many many years.

Whilst its not  a spectacular offer, if you come along, having read  some information (download it here), and having recorded what you have eaten and drank over a week you’ll get the best  possible  start to a healthier happier eating regime.

We will discuss  some general,  standard,  macro principles ( that often comes as a shock to most fad diet junkies) ,  then you’ll analyse how you currently eat, and then  see how you can tweak and nudge your current diet to accommodate them.

Its one hour of community fun  games, education and effective do-able strategies. Come prepared to discuss and share ( or sit morosely at the back of the room:we have all sorts here). It costs the same as your normal class.

Next session, Saturday  3rd December 2pm. Non crossfitters and those on level 1 welcome

To book your  class space click here

Please come prepared with your food diary for one week (in old fashioned paper form) and please read the  (free) Zone article in the Crossfit Journal  download here

Here are some of the articles we have written about the Zone in the past