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Saying goodbye to a Strong-gentleman


It is with real sadness that I officially announce the departure of of the man who brought Strongman to CrossFit London; after three years of his Sunday Strongman, Paul’s last sessions will be this Sunday at 10:30 and 11:30. Book now if you want to say goodbye in person.

Paul has been running his Sunday classes since September 2013 and, without him, we wouldn’t have the best-equipped CrossFit Strongman classes in London. His passion and dedication for the sport is unquestionable, and his classes have been a stalwart of our Sunday schedule for years. Under his tenure we’ve gone through two yokes, a prowler, a load of stones, a slosh pipe, and a bunch of ropes and sandbags as our members lift ever increasing weights under his watchful eye.

Other commitments means that Paul can no longer carry on with his classes on Sunday, but our door will always be open, and I’m sure he’ll pop in from time-to-time to lift heavy shit with you all.

1911843_10152152193623260_2054143538_nI’m sure you’ll all join me in wishing him well in the future, as well as in thanking him for his unwavering commitment and dedication to his classes over the years. Strongman at CrossFit London won’t be the same without him. His humour, knowledge, and no-bullshit approach to his classes will be impossible to replace.

With Christmas Day and New Year’s Day both falling on a Sunday this year, the next weekend Strongman classes won’t be until 2017. I will be taking over the 11:30 class on a Sunday, while the 10:30 class will be moving to Saturday, with Kat running a new Strongman class at 11:30; so from 2017 you’ll be able to double-up on your weekend Strongmanny goodness.

Strongman Beginner's Class


The original CrossFit London beginner’s course consists of seven separate Level 1 classes and cover everything you need to know for our Level 2 and other CrossFit classes. However, if you wish to attend the Strongman sessions you will need to complete an eighth (optional) beginners class which build on the first seven.


The session will cover:

  • Atlas stones
  • Logs
  • Axle bars
  • Tyre flips
  • Farmer’s handles
  • Yoke holds and carries

If you wish to participate in the Strongman classes, there will be a Strongman beginners at 20:30 on the first Wednesday of every month in 10 Malcolm Place. Keep an eye out on the schedule.

12 reasons why people choose CrossFit London

We did an informal survey as to why lots and lots and  of people choose Crossfit London as their go to training facility: here are some of  the USP’s, in no particular order

  1. It was the 1st ever Crossfit affiliate in the UK and frankly, experience shows.
  2. It has a large diverse training team all devoted to making you better and expanding their own expertise
  3. It has the most competitive training fees in London, and offers discounts for students, NHS workers and the services
  4. It boasts the best Adult Gymnastics programme in London. If you are a normal adult, you’ll be shunned by “proper” gymnasts. We will get you a cute handstand and that back flip you aways wanted
  5. It has strongman classes. Crossfit London uniquely teaches all the weird strongman techniques, from the barrel (keg)  clean and press, to Atlas stone lifts  and massive tyre flips. If it’s big and awkward, we can teach you to lift it.
  6. It has dedicated Olympic weightlifting classes, obsessed with making you great.
  7. It has a load of racks, ropes, rings and piles of useful stuff to lift and push.
  8. It has probably the best beginner training process, which is awesome.
  9. It has an amazing take-it-or-leave-it, diverse community. Some Crossfit gyms try and fabricate an artificial family. Very claustrophobic!  We simply get you interacting with your fellow members and “voila” lots of great groups  start forming. If that’s your thing, ENJOY!  But if you simply want to focus on your training, that’s cool too.
  10. The back-up therapy is amazing: several of the training team are gifted therapists. If you need a massage, a medical  acupuncture/dry needling session  or taping up, check them out. If your back is giving you grief, start checking Andrew Stemler’s “Backaholic” research blog.
  11. The timetable is great. Crossfit classes every morning, lunch and evening with a diverse weekend agenda. Check out our amazing booking system
  12. Extra classes: included in the programme is Rope and Yoga

This makes Crossfit London the number one choice for Londoners near to Bethnal Green, London E2. It’s amazing. Get started now

I suppose we should mention we have bike rack,s and the venue is just 2 minutes away from Bethnal Green station on the Central line tube.