Sui Wong is our Mobility, Power Yoga and Animal Flow instructor


Sui is our Mobility, Power Yoga and Animal Flow instructor.  She completed her CrossFit Mobility certification with Kelly Starrett in 2013, and continues on an ongoing journey to enhance her teaching and practice, including further yoga and anatomy training, as well as her own movement and calisthenics practice. She is a keen enthusiast on taking a fun and playful approach to movement, health and fitness.  Her classes are infused with this approach – come join one of her Power Yoga and Mobility classes, and Animal Flow workshops!


  • CrossFit Mobility Certification (Kelly Starrett)
  • Freestyle Connection workshop (Carl Paoli)
  • Anatomy Trains in Motion certification : new concepts in anatomy and fascia, using movement to create balance and symmetry
  • Advanced yoga teacher training (including current studies with Tiffany Cruikshank towards 500hr Yoga Medicine certification)
  • Power Yoga & Animal Flow Instructor

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