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There are many reasons why you may want to work with a personal trainer. It may be that you are nervous and need your confidence building up. It’s equally possible that you are super-competitive and cannot stand the thought of being second-rate in public. You could have scheduling problems, health issues, or just feel that personal training is what you want.

If it helps you make up your mind, we have clients who are elite amateur sports athletes, million-dollar executives, bodyguards, military personnel, housewives and househusbands. We have people who train on a regular basis, we have people who pop along every six months to get something fixed, or learn a specific skill.

We train really fit people – and some overweight, ill people.

As many have already discovered, our venue is a mere four minute tube ride from Liverpool Street Station, followed by a grueling 45 second walk to the gym.

Personal training sessions are available from 0700 to 2100 most days. You can check coach availability on our online booking system, here.

Unlike other gyms that are cluttered with useless machines, ours is cluttered with bars and bumper plates, kettlebells, pull-up rigs, rings and climbing ropes.

Our sessions are really popular because we teach you stuff that simple common sense tells you is worthwhile and effective. We have stacks of science too!

There is no wobbling on Swiss balls (I’m not even sure we have one) You will walk away from each session knowing you can lift stuff sensibly and safely.

We will gladly teach you to Olympic lift, kettlebell, sprint, row, pull-up, muscle-up; in short a fascinating array of strength gymnastics, weightlifting and athletic skills.

Single sessions are £55 an hour, and a series of ten is £480. We also offer an introductory five personal training sessions for £220, ideal if you are a beginner.

If you would like to fix up a session click on the ‘Getting Started’ button.

Or if you want some more tailored information, or cannot see a good time for you on the system, please  email [email protected]

Or call on 0796 992 2831 (If you call from  a mobile, I can easily text you back)