Beginners Level 1*

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At CrossFit London we offer beginners two main paths to getting started with CrossFit: group classes and/or personal training (depending on your timetable and finances).

Crossfit is varied, genuinely fun and properly challenging, but we need you to have a skill set before you join our Level 2 classes.

Beginners (Level 1) classes

These are 60 mins sessions running once or twice a day

Each of the seven Level 1 sessions covers a specific part of our beginner’s syllabus, and you will need to complete each session at least once in order to ‘graduate’ to our Level 2 sessions. If you have never seen a bar before, plan to go through level 1 twice. From the moment you start, you can also attend our level 1 bootcamp classes that consolidate and embed level 1 skills.

You can complete the first five sessions in any order that you choose.

  • Session 1.1: Squats, Front squat, Overhead Squat
  • Session 1.2: Squats, Press, Push-press, Push Jerk
  • Session 1.3: Squats, Deadlift, Sumo deadlift, Sumo deadlift high-pull & box jumps
  • Session 1.4: Squats, Pull-ups, Push-ups and Ring Dips
  • Session 1.5: Squats, kettlebell swing, kettlebell snatch & Turkish get-up
  • Session 1.6: The barbell snatch*
  • Session 1.7: The clean & jerk*

Each session covers the skill work above, and ends in a structured, scalable workout based on those skills. If you want to add more workout to your  early days with us, book into our amazing bootcamp

* Sessions 6 & 7 build on techniques from sessions 1-5 .You will only be able to book on to Sessions 6 and 7 once you have completed  all the previous sessions ( 1.1 to 1.5)  and been ticked off. Please allow 24 hours for your attendance at these classes to be recognised on the system. Sessions 6 and 7 cannot be reserved in advance of this.

The aims of the beginner sessions and bootcamp are to ensure that:

  • Your technique is solid and safe
  • You have had some exposure to the intensity of CrossFit exercises
  • You are comfortable with the scaling that you may require for some of the exercises e.g. pull-ups, ring dips
  • Help you understand how you learn physical tasks; maybe taking this test will help

There are also some extra reading and tips we deliver during the sessions

During 1.1 (barbell squats)
we will remind you to wait 24 hours for the register to be updated maybe, talk about  the (super secret)  Facebook group  and review a hamstring stretch. Actually  you can Like our Facebook page now. GEt some bootcamp sessions in

During 1.2 (presses)
We will suggest you buy a skipping rope maybe teach you a tricep stretch and remind you about our definition of fitness : What is Fitness WE qill aslo say, get a few bootcamp sessions in

During 1.3 (Deadlifts)

We will probably show you a quad stretch, but mention one of the risks of high intensity workouts “Rhabdo”

WE will also remind you how important your technique is, and maybe you fancy  repeating a level 1 class again. As always we will sign post you to Bootcamp

We will also mention that maybe level  1 gymnastic programme maybe worthwhile for you to check out. IF years of sitting at  a desk makes it hard to set your lumbar curve, and has reduced your hip and shoulder mobility, maybe look at the mobility programme

Fitness apps for iPad

coverandbadgeMany of the drills you will see in our beginner classes  are  videoed, and broken down into step-by-step interactive photographs  with supporting copy in the ‘StemlerFit Olympic Weightlifting’ app  only £5.99.

Also available,’ Stemlerfit Kettlebell Training’, only £1.99 and ‘Stemlerfit Double-Unders for FREE!

If the link here results in “not available in the UK” message – please quit and go to iTunes from your desktop, or App Store from your iPad, and search Stemlerfit. Any further problems, please contact me [email protected]

(These apps are currently iPad only, but will soon be available for Android)


Class fee structure
Classes Fee structure Beginners sessions work on the same as regular classes, meaning that you can pay for single sessions or packs of 5 or 10.  We do not suggest you get a monthly membership until  later.

Still not Sure? If you want time to think, join our beginner mailing list . Full of helpful, handy, happy hints.

Once you have completed the Level 1 sessions, you can progress on to our classic CrossFit Level 2 classes.

Before attending your first Level 2 class you will need to buy a skipping rope, and put it in your kit bag.
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Beginners personal training

These are 60min sessions running throughout the week as part of CrossFit London’s Personal Training schedule. The sessions are 1-to-1 with a CrossFit London coach and cover the same syllabus as the beginners classes above.

These sessions have the advantage over the classes of:

  • Taking place at a date and time of your choosing, throughout the week
  • Being able to 1-on-1 with a CrossFit London coach

A single CrossFit Beginners Personal Training session is £60, with five beginners sessions available for £220 (one-time introductory offer). Please note: similar to the beginners Level 1 classes, it is likely to take at least five 1-to-1 sessions for you to demonstrate competence in the techniques.

(*Trainers: This is NOT the same as the CrossFit Level 1 Certification. They are only organised by

Get Started

If you do not see any sessions that suit you on our timetable, drop Andrew an email with your preferred times and he will see what can be done. (it’s unlikely it will be in class times, though)



if you are not sure you want to embark on lots of technical learning and would prefer to start your Crossfit journey with simple moves, and a manageable bit of technique  and get exercising straight away, our Bootcamp could be a great way to start. Click here for some more information


Medical Conditions

If you feel you have a medical condition that could impact your training, we suggest you book  a personal training session with Andrew Stemler as your first point of contact with us. Simply book a session with him on the online diary , or email him directly.  Here, we can assess the nature of your condition, whether we need to talk to your doctor, and what reasonable adjustments we can make to keep you safe.

Are you fit enough to train?

This is an interesting question. We have advanced athletes and normal gym members start at Crossfit London, but by implication, we assume you are fit enough to make your way through an hour’s worth of activity. We discuss some fitness ideas here.

If you are really nervous, or out of condition, do consider working with one of our fabulous personal trainers

Health & Safety

CrossFit is deliberately, and by design, a real-world, functional fitness programme with ‘nowt taken out’. By this we mean that some of the exercises and techniques that we use can be dangerous if performed incorrectly or with poor technique. This is why we spend a great deal of time and energy on drilling technique and skills through the beginners’ Level 1 programmes. To this end, our safety record is very good – a fact you can check by reading through our online health and safety logs.

However this sort of exercise regime is not without risk. You can – and probably should – expect to pick up some bumps and bruises along the way. Our coaches and clients discuss this aspect of CrossFit training in the following article on the website.

We are most certainly NOT preaching “no pain, no gain”. However, if the idea of picking up a few “owies” along the way really turns you off, then CrossFit may not be the right programme for you.

If you would like to book on to one of the above options, click on the ‘Getting Started‘ button (above) for more information, or go right ahead and click on ‘Book Online‘ to access the booking and scheduling system.

You will be able to complete these sessions at the Crossfit London E2 venues or at Crossfit SE11 if you are nearer to Vauxhall.

You can mix and match! 

If you have any further questions, do check out the FAQ page .

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