CrossFit London Level 3 (Crossfit+)

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Please note: Level 3 is restricted to our regular members, and is not open to visitors. Our coaches assess the performance of clients in Level 2  before recommending promotion to Level 3.

The Level 3 sessions are for those of our regular clients who are at the point of performing all workouts (WOD’s)s as prescribed (RX), or pretty close to – but now want more.

Clients ready for these sessions should be able to perform the majority of CrossFit movements unscaled with loading at or close to WOD prescribed levels. They would be expected to “know their numbers” around each of the core barbell movements and not stare blankly back when asked to perform a “hanging squat snatch at 75% of their 1RM”.

The goal at this level is to build on the foundations of the Level 2 classes, by ramping up the intensity, workload and weights. Clients at this level will probably be assigned a structured lifting programme, and would be expected to have a clear set of goals they are working towards.

Clients ready for these classes take their training fairly seriously, and would be expected to log their workouts and keep reasonable track of their nutrition.

90% of clients are better served at Level 2.