The Barefoot Journey: Ego emo mirus novus Caligae!

The Barefoot Journey: Ego emo mirus novus Caligae!

Well, there we are wandering around St Albans, taking in the Roman sites when I came across a  “Make yourself a pair of Roman Caligae sandals” kit in the Verulamium Museum shop.

It was there that it struck me! Who would know more about walking, running and shoes? The Roman civilisation whose legions marched over and dominated Europe for centuries or ……..Nike?

So Kate kindly did the little bit of stitching required (sorry, I’m such a helpless boy),

kate, our resident caligae stitcher

And there I was POSE running outside St Albans Abbey at 10pm. Could this be the missing factor that barefoot running needs, an inexpensive layer of  leather  for basic protection that won’t interfer with your running style?

We’ve brought them back to Stratford to see if the particular version we bought, or the idea in general, has the potential for widespread application. So I wacked them on for  some POSE practise. As  a covering  for the soles of the feet they were great, but I found they began to rub a bit on top of my big toe ( Im also a wimp) ,

ow! my big toe was rubbed a bit by the nasty leather

Kate came up with this bit of new sandal advice.

Slather the leather and the top of your feet (obviously, not the bottoms) with moisturiser or vaseline, as it makes the bit that could catch or rub, slide. Mind you, the great thing about being a barefoot runner is that if your shoes rub, you just take them off.

But, you know what, I have quite high hopes of finding a hardwearing, problem-free design!

Ego emo mirus novus caligae!

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  1. Sophia | 15/08/2010 at 9:07 pm

    What were you doing in Verulamium park? My house is about 5 minutes’ walk from the lake. You could hve popped in for tea!

  2. Andrew | 15/08/2010 at 9:35 pm

    we were trying out the “white hart Hotel” and retracing the steps I took when I was 8 and on my school trip… the museum still has some of the same postcards…