Health and safety: a crack down

Health and safety: a crack down

We have a gym full of careful trainees and caring trainers. When there is an obvious crisis, our members go out of their way to feedback  about the calm and collected way in which our team handles 1st aid emergencies.

That said, dealing with the injury  is only part of the problem. The  issue needs to be written up emailed to me, and I post it on  the website. There are many reasons for posting on the website. What we do is not without risk, so its as well to let potential clients that we need their focus and attention . WIth a tidy gym, an emphasis  on technique , quality supervision, we manage to achieve  a low injury rate.

However, I suspect we are under reporting. I think our clients pick up niggles and tweaks that we ought to know about. I know for example that there were 2 “incidents” in the strongman class involving putting the yoke down , a gymnast was “stunned”  landing a bit awkwardly  in a class . Neither of these involved “hands on” 1st aid, although the clients rested and recovered. Never the less, we as an organisation need to know about them. Maybe there is a teaching point we need to add. Maybe there is  warning we need to issue.  Maybe we need to re-evaluate whether  certain moves  should be included in our regime.

From the coaches, I need an email report on any incident where the client was obliged to sit out whether or not 1st aid  was required.

From clients,often an injury will develop after a class: you wake up with a sore back, your wrist throbs, excessive D.O.Ms. Tell us: email me. As an incentive, if you report an injury,  we will extend the life of your carnet or monthly membership. We want you training safely and effectively. The body will heal most injuries if allowed to actively rest!

What we will do is to put a few hours aside each week . We will safety check all the stuff at 9 and 10 Malcolm place ( Phil  and I do it anyway, but its meant to be recorded). Ill also write a weekly review of our incidents and see if we can spot trends .

At the same time as this is happening, we, might as well warn you all now. There is a form crack down coming. We need you to keep perfect back form, or take our advice and amend the exercise: Deadlift’s can be taken off discs, squat depth can be managed until perfect form is reached, shoulder moves come from the shoulder, not from the lower back.

Crossfit is about mastering perfect form, then pressure testing it. If your form collapses during a WOD , you failed the test!  We  have always encouraged the coaching team to personalise WODs and exercises: its not difficult.  We will no longer be encouraging. We will be demanding that they make sure your  form is excellent and that they hold you to our standards!

That said, whenever we go to competition, its immediately noticeable that our clients have great form. Keep it up. But  bear in mind those basic squat form drills: are you doing pole, wall and box squats in your personal warm up: are you doing PVC Romanian deadlift lowers with a focus on keep in your back perfect? No? Start!

That said, we are still keeping our policy of not reporting  callous tears during pull ups.  If you have callouses, they will tear. Ill remind you of the excellent advice given by Steven to help you protect your hands


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  1. Magnus Hultberg | 06/03/2014 at 1:32 pm

    Awesome sentence: Crossfit is about mastering perfect form, then pressure testing it.