CrossFit London's New Location: Update (1)

CrossFit London's New Location: Update (1)

By now, you’ll all be aware that CrossFit London is in the process of relocating to a new venue and there’s a lot of talk about what exactly is happening. To help give you all a clearer idea of how the move is progressing and what’s happening behind the scenes, every few weeks or so I’ll be putting together a quick blog post to keep everyone updated with the latest on “the move”, as well as any other interesting and relevant updates.

This post will include:

1) The location of the new gym.

2) Layout/floor plans of the space.

3) What is the new rig in 10MP.

4) Our current relocation date.

New gym location

The new gym is only a minute or two’s walk from Malcolm Place and actually shares the same railway line as the current archways. Access to the new gym can be made from the corner of Buckhurst St.


Layout and floor plans

The new gym consists of a total of 7 rooms.

Firstly, facing the street, before you reach the main gym spaces, the new location will have a reception/shop space. 

Reception/shop at new gym

Shop front on Buckhurst St

It will include a reception desk, shop to buy merchandise and supplements, as well as changing rooms and toilets. It will be the first port of call for visitors, as well as a place to change and buy merchandise. 

Shop & changing rooms floor plan

Shop & changing rooms floor plan

New Arches Cudworth St

Outside view of the new archways as seen from Buckhurst St

The new gym will consist of 4 main archways, plus two supplementary archways attached to the back. Of the 4 main arches, there will be two solely CrossFit spaces, a weightlifting/strongman room, and a dedicated gymnastics space equipped with a sprung floor. The two supplementary arches are too small and low to be used as a main class space. Their use is likely to be cardio and/or self-training spaces.

New Archways floor plan

New Archways floor plan

The rig in 10MP

If you’ve been in 10MP recently you will have seen a new rig setup in the corner by the door. This is a small test of the type of rig we hope to have in the new venue. Imagine the same set up, with a rack and set of high rings, expanded to cover the length of the whole room (see the two lefthand floor plans above). The test rig in 10MP it is not a permanent fixture, so make sure to give it a test run while it’s there.

 The latest relocation date

At present we hope to move into the new box in March 2017. However, this is still dependant on a lot of other factors happening when they should (contractors, architects, clearing red tape from Network Rail, etc.). If and when that date changes, we will let you know as soon as possible on another blog.

Next time

Through these blog posts we hope to keep you better informed about the progress of the move, the most recent moving dates as well as all the work that we do to get it ready.

Hopefully this blog should have made the situation a little clearer for you all; if you have are any further questions, please feel free to ask. You’ll be hearing from me again with another update soon.

Joe Martin - Author

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