New schedule for 2017

New schedule for 2017

Some of you have already seen, but for those of you that haven’t, CrossFit London has undergone a schedule overhaul for the new year.

Over the years, the schedule at CFL has been added to and amended as required; the inclusion of Gales Gardens and then 10MP, the moving of the Level 1s to weekends, new classes such as Heavy Metal Club and Benchmarks have all been ad hoc changes which have never been reconciled with the rest of the schedule. Following the move to our new premises (more details on that coming very soon!) the schedule will have had to be completely redesigned anyway, and this change will be a necessary stepping-stone towards that.

What classes?

CrossFit London has the most diverse class range of any box in London:

  • Level 2
  • Metcon
  • Heavy Metcon
  • Olympic Lifting Club
  • Powerlifting Cub
  • Heavy Metal Club
  • Benchmark WODs
  • Accessory Conditioning
  • Barbell Strength
  • Strongman
  • Competition Focus

not to mention all the gymnastics classes, Yoga, and flexibility. You’ll be happy to know that all of the classes listed above still have a place on the schedule, although you may find that they have moved time, day or instructor.

This is what the new schedule aims to make easier for our members:

Following routines

The re-jig should make it easier for you to follow the classes that you like. For example, there is now a Level 2, every weekday in 9MP at 7:00, 8:00, 12:00 and 18:30.

Moreover, it is especially important for you to be able to follow periodised programmes, so those classes which follow their own programming cycles have been given regular times, rooms and days on the schedule:

For example, as the most popular barbell club, this is how the Olympic Lifting Club now looks.

Oly (1): Mon 7:30 & Mon 19:30

Oly (2): Wed 7:30 & Wed 19:30

Oly (3): Fri 7:30 & Sat 11:30

Better use of space

Classes which need it have been moved to make better use of space and equipment. HMC uses a lot of barbells now is now only in 10MP. Benchmarks and Competition Focus are now in 9MP with access to the back room meaning those classes can use the high rings in every session.

Better spread of classes

There are now more Level 2 and Metcon classes, including Mon-Fri morning Metcons and Mon-Thu evening Metcons.

There is now at least one specialist classes every evening, including a new 19:30 Heavy Metcon with Carolyn on Monday, and new Strongman classes with Kat on Tuesdays at 18:30 and Saturday at 11:30.

Subject to change

As ever, none of these changes are set in stone; as we learned from the Benchmark WODs saga any classes which aren’t being used will be scrapped and replaced, and any new classes will need to have space cleared for them. The Benchmarks resurgence sees it now being moved to Thursdays in 9MP with access to the high rings every week; use the classes and good things will happen.

Myself and the board always welcome feedback, and while we can’t cater the schedule for individuals, any and all comments are listened to and considered (** see addendum). But the most important thing you can do moving forward is to vote with your feet and use the classes you like.


As I mentioned, all of the classes listed have remained on the schedule and we have done our best to minimise disruption. But inevitably, this exercise in refining the schedule will mean that some of you are left disappointed as your favourite classes move to new times and days, and for that we can only apologise. Unfortunately we are never going to make a schedule that’s perfect for everyone.

We hope you will understand the reasoning and the intent behind this new schedule and importantly that we are striving to make it better for everyone. Just like every time Facebook changes, a few weeks into 2017 and you’ll have forgotten what it used to look like.

New year, new you

That all said, we hope you’ll take the opportunity to make some positive changes with your own training in the new year, as well as the ability to try classes and trainers you haven’t previously had the chance to. If there was ever a time for a change such as this one, the beginning of a new year is it.



Following the sad departure of Paul, and recent conversations I’ve had with some of the members, we’ve been able to accommodate the Barbell Strength class back into the Saturday schedule without unduly affecting the other classes as from Saturday 14th Jan (see schedule for details).

Joe Martin - Author

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