The 2017 CrossFit Open at CrossFit London

The 2017 CrossFit Open at CrossFit London

CrossFit games 2017If you’ve no idea what the Open is, have a read here to find out what it’s all about.

But for those in the know, here’s all the details you need to know about this year’s Open at CFL


The first workout is officially announced during the night of Thursday 23rd February, and runs for 5 consecutive weeks.

What Classes:

We will be running Open WOD classes every Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday for the duration. These classes are clearly marked on the schedule as “Open WOD.” Any other “Level 2” class will not be running an Open workout.


  • 7:00 – Kat
  • 8:00 – Kat
  • 12:00 – Joe
  • 17:00 onwards – Friday night Throwdown


  • 12:30 – Rosie


  • 12:30 – Carolyn


  • 12:00 – Kate

You can also perform the workouts in Self Training, however, you will need to abide by the Self Training rules and conditions, and you must have a suitable Judge (CFL coach or someone who has completed the Online Judges Course). Your judge does not need to be signed up for Self Training, only the person doing the WOD.

Friday Night Throwdownscreen-shot-2016-02-10-at-16-09-19

As ever, Friday nights will host the main event Throwdown and the biggest event of the year for CrossFit London. It will take place every Friday evening for the 5 weeks of the Open in 10 Malcolm Place and the back room of 9MP (for wall balls and ring MUs).

There will be two classes that you can book into, but do not worry if you show up late or early to either, they are just to give your coach an idea of the running order. Heats will be organised in advance of the class; if you need to arrive or leave at a specific time let the coach in charge know and they will put you in a suitable heat.

The final week will host the traditional fancy-dress workout and social. More details on this to follow.

During the Open the Free Taster at 17:30 will move to 9MP and 18:30 Heavy Metal Club will move to Wednesday evenings at 18:30).

For anyone wanting to do a normal class on Fridays, the 6:30 Metcon, 7:30 Oly Lifting and 18:30 Level 2 will run as normal.

Do I have to pay CrossFit HQ to participate?

Yes and no. If you want to have your score registered and be in with a chance to progress to Regionals or, more importantly, be in with a chance of winning one of the CFL awards, then you will have to pay the $20 sign-up fee. If you want to join in without paying the $20, you can still book into the scheduled class and participate as normal.

Is it different from the regular L2 classes?

Yes. There will be a group briefing, a specific warm-up and then the workout, however your workout will be judged with someone counting your reps and checking your standards. All athletes and judges will be explained the movement standards and workout rules, as well as suggested tactics. Your judge’s decision is final on any and all no-reps.


If you come to an Open class expect to judge at least one other athlete’s workout. This is a integral part of the Open and part of the fun of competing. If you’re particularly worried about the judging process, CrossFit HQ offers an online training course for $10. This certification is only necessary if you want to judge someone in Self Training outside of a class, but it’ll be useful for the Open or for any other CrossFit competition, as well as giving you a better insight into movement standards in general. 

I’m not strong enough/got the right skills/not been doing CrossFit long enough!

There are both RX and Scaled categories, so it caters for all athletes. And in that atmosphere you’d be surprised how much more you can push yourself; the Open has been witness to many first muscle-ups and double-unders. In true CrossFit style, the person who finishes last gets the biggest cheer. And even if you’re coming in last, you’re still ahead of everyone who didn’t bother.


You may have already noticed that the Level 2 programming has a weekly past Open WOD. This will give you the opportunity to test some of the previous years’ workouts, and give you a flavour of what to expect this year. Have a look at past WODs here.

Rachel is running her weekly Skills class on Thursdays at 18:30 in the back room, taking you through all the skills you’ll encounter in the Open.

We can pretty much guarantee that rowing will feature in the Open, so look out for details on a special Rowing Seminar in February. It’ll cover rowing technique, strategies, and how best to tackle the potential types of workout that might come up.

For now, sign yourself up, but if you still need a little inspiration, have a look at this video of the 2014 Open.

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