We offer a variety of gymnastics classes split into the following categories; Adult Gymnastics: Strength, Tumbling and Handbalancing. Our range of classes ensures that every element of gymnastics is covered under one roof. Our instructors range from elite level circus performers to those integrated within the CrossFit methodology.

Our Adult Gymnastics classes are split into Level 1 and Level 2 classes. You must pass through Level 1 to attend Level 2.

Adult Gymnastics: Strength

Start building the strength towards a handstand, side lever (human flag), planche, middle split hold, muscle-up, L-sit and much more. Through structured planning and supervision, we develop flexibility, strength and control needed for higher level skills.

There are no minimum strength or skill requirements for the Level 1 class. You might have a pull-up, dips, or push-ups; you might not.

After you have been signed off from Level 1, you will be able to attend Level 2 gymnastics where more specialist gymnastics movements and skills are taught under expert supervision and guidance. Here we will take a longer look at movements encompassing muscle-ups, levers, planche and human flags etc.

Adult Gymnastics: Tumbling

Our popular adult-only gymnastic Level 1 sessions are aimed at those with little or no prior gymnastic experience, or a first stop for anyone joining our Gymnastics Tumbling sessions. A focus on fun, safety and do-ability. We operate an ongoing programme so you can start anytime you like. Just book and pay for your session. We offer Gymnastics only carnets if you wish to attend gymnastics without access to the rest of our classes.

In Level 1 we will take you safely through the basic of shapes, rolls, flexibility and specific strength that you will need to safely build the skills you desire. We need to give you a safe kick up to handstand, a forward and backward roll and a cartwheel before flicks and tucks. Progress onto Level 2 is at the Instructors’ discretion; you could be at Level 1 for 1 session or 50 sessions.

Once our instructors are confident you have mastered these initial skills, they will suggest you move forward to Level 2 sessions where the drills become more advanced, including tumbling routines and more technical movements.