Boxing provides a great workout,  an effective form of self-defense, and it’s an amazing sport.

The boxing club at Crossfit London, based in the heart of Bethnal Green, supports absolute beginners while challenging those with experience! That means loads of footwork,  basic strike learning/perfection, basic defense, pad learning, and a mean, but fun circuit-based workout.  Obviously, the classes will be highly differentiated, so learners and improvers can train side by side.

The club accommodates beginners and those who want to progress in the sport of boxing!

Your  trainers will be


Raphael is an elite-level amateur boxer who has competed on national and international stages. Raphael has been taught a mix of English and soviet boxing styles. Has over 5 years of coaching experience and 10 years boxing experience. Raphael has goals of competing for England and can attain this, providing his next two competitions are successful.


Edwin’s boxing experience has spanned a 12-year career. A former amateur he has now been coaching for 8 of his 12 years. A highly experienced coach, he has a vast amount of experience & knowledge having worked with countless boxers throughout his career. He has been involved in training fighters in all areas of competition as well as commercially for film & television. Extremely passionate about the sport, his focus is on the technical aspects of boxing as well as fitness. His knowledge is invaluable for any beginner/intermediate or elite level boxer looking to take their skillset to the next level.

A single session is £12, but you can buy a carnet of 10 passes for £80.

All you need to do is open an account on our booking system  click here

You can also accelerate your learning by doing some PT sessions with the Boxing  Trainers. You can email Rapheal here  (or text him on 07712702982) or contact Edwin  here  (or text 07816261254)