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Can you buy anything to make you flexible?

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Is there anything you can buy or use to make you more flexible?

In short no.

Flexibility is one of those convenient pursuits – unlike cricket for example – that you can do all off your own bat.

That said, you can ‘tool up’ with a few things to make it easier and less painful.


1. Pads

Knees are a funny animal. Plates, wires, connectors and who knows what that somehow are able to take several times our body weight. So it’s a good thing we look after them.

If you get pain while resting on your knee a pad is a useful add on.

This can be on you or one the floor – your choice. Thickness depends on the hardness of your floor and whether or not you use a mat. Or you could just embrace nature and use grass…

Pads also help for longer durations.


2. Blocks. In this case blocks are used for balance, but they can also be used to hold if it hurts to put your hands flat on the floor.

Why would you want to hold onto a support? Being out of balance causes fear (no one wants to fall on their face) and a shot of adrenaline.

So if you want to hype yourself up,  fall over repeatedly.

Adrenaline however tenses up the muscles making it harder and more painful to get flexible. So balance is good.

If your stretch is deep enough, hold the floor, if not, hold supports high enough to keep you upright.


Don’t be tempted to lean forwards to reach the floor though – in these particular examples you get the best flexibility gains keeping your shoulders over your hips.

Of course there are many more tools you can use to pimp your flexibility progress – but these are the two are my pick to start.


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