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The 2018 CrossFit Open at CrossFit London

You can’t have helped but notice that the 2018 CrossFit Open is just around the corner. Here’s what you need to know about the 2018 Open at CrossFit London.


The CrossFit Open runs for 5 weeks from Feb 22nd to Mar 26th. The WODs are released very early on Friday mornings and you have the weekend to complete them.

As previous years, Friday evenings will play host to the main event Open WODs. There are two slots to book into, an early and a late, but as per usual timings are at the mercy of Dave Castro and whatever he programmes. Don’t worry, we can be flexible if you need to arrive early or leave late.

Can’t do Friday? Not to worry, this year, we will have coached Open Gym slots throughout the weekend, which will be able to book into any of those to complete the workouts (or just use as you normally would if you don’t want to do the Open). At CFL, the Open Gym slots are all in 10 MP so lines on the floor won’t be an issue. The coach on duty will see to it that everyone is properly judged.

As there is no Open Gym slot on Friday morning (and we know a lot of you like to get it done out of the way and away from the big Friday night crowd), Kyle’s Fri 7:30am WOD class in 10 MP will be the only other Open WOD class on the schedule.

If you can’t make Friday nights or the Open Gym slots, the coaches will be available to book for special 1-2-1 PT sessions for £20 per workout. They will take you through your own mobilisation, warm-up, strategy, and coach you through the workout as they judge at a time which is convenient to you.

(NB: Friday’s Heavy Metal Club has been moved to Wednesdays at 19:30, so you can continue to follow the HMC programming and do the Open)

Final Friday and Social

As ever, the final Friday on 23rd March will finish with a social, awards and probably beer-pong, This year’s (totally optional) theme is ‘Drag Queens’ – or ‘Cross-dressing-Fit’.

We’re currently looking for a venue to move onto afterwards. More on this later.


Last year, you were sorted into teams. This year, your coaches will head up their own Tribes (sorted at random when you sign up).

If you sign up for CrossFit London, Mike, Joe, Kyle and Carolyn will lead teams (team names at coach discretion). To be part of a team you will need to be signed up for the Open on the Games Website, but you do not need to be signed up on the Games website to participate (you just need to book into the workouts).

Or if you sign up for SE11, Nick, Juan and Tim will lead teams.

Prepping for the Open

Between now and the 23rd February keep an eye on the blog and the Facebook group for news, updates, tips, and special events.

Email if you have any concerns or questions.

TrainHeroic and Daily WOD Blog

Hopefully you’ve all had a chance to download our shiny new programming app called TrainHeroic. The reason we are investing a lot of money into Trainheroic is simple. It is one of the best user interfaces and most complete training apps on the market today. Mike has used this personally for almost two years and highly recommends it.

The purpose is not an online leaderboard. Although many of you may wish to use it for this function, the purpose is a more complete training diary. When you open the app there will be a section on coaches notes. This indicates the intended stimulus of the day. As members of a CrossFit gym, it’s very easy to get lost in the super high intensity and the number or reps completed. This is not how you get fitter.

Although this may blow a lot of people’s brains across the room, any training method has to be sustainable and if you come in and crush yourself day in day out, you will be gone within 16 months. That’s not a random statistic, that’s the average lifetime (fitness lifetime, you’re not going to die) of someone who undergoes high intensity training everyday.

The app has a section after you put in your numbers for the day whereby you can record how it felt, what went wrong and more importantly, what you learnt from the session. If you did not learn anything from the session, I won’t hesitate to ask why you’re here and not at fitness first. This means that you should be able to hold your coaches accountable for learning something, but it also means we get to hold you accountable for not performing bad reps, and wanting to improve.

Going forwards there will be a higher standard that you will be held to in your fitness endeavours and this app is to help you track and look back at your history.

You will see a section for numbers, please fill in everything that you know going forwards and for those that know their personal bests already, fill those in as well.

IF you do wish to use the leaderboard function, please make sure you are entering your data accurately, for a lot of people the leaderboard is not important but for those who take the competitive side seriously it can be upsetting when someone accidentally enters their data wrong.

Above all, remember that you are here to self improve, wanting to simply beat the person next to you over and over is just a desire to inflate your ego. Focus on yourself and build up the people around you.

That being said, we are going to be changing the way we deliver the WOD to you daily. As of Monday the 5th of February, you will be receiving an email directly into your inbox with that day’s training. We will be stopping the daily WOD Blog and the weekly spreadsheet in the FB group as we want you all to use the app. There will always be a minimum of one week’s programming uploaded in advance so if you need to plan out your week you will still have the opportunity to do this.

If for any reason you do not want to receive emails or push notifications you can flick the “Leave Me Alone” button in the Account > Privacy section of the app:


Coaches Mike & Nick

CrossFit London’s New Location: Update (4)

This is the one you’ve been waiting for! Those of you who attended the Christmas party will have already had a heads-up, but we have actual, tangible, genuine progress with the new gym.

It took 18 months’ of negotiations, but the new lease has finally been signed and works are underway at Cudworth on the renovations of our new location. If all goes well (no more squatters, leaks, interference from Network Rail, etc.) we should be all ready to move in by May!

I’ll post more updates as and when I have them, but for now I’ll let the pictures below speak for themselves.

Stage one: clear out all the junk.

Stage two: sandblasting all the brick. Nomore rusty cladding.

Gymnastics archway

CrossFit space 1

Weightlifting archway (imagine fewer bricks)