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Crossfit Beginner Fun

Crossfit London level 1

Another batch of noble beginners,  decided to kick their training up to another level by starting their level 1 classes, where, uniquely in a group format, Crossfit London teaches you all those “difficult moves” that leisure centres avoid, using a step by step method mixed with lots of kindness .

Often, difficult to master ground based moves, are limited not by flexibility but by balance. In our classes we get our clients to start working on the balance problems with safe, effective, supportive drills , that work. In 1.1  we look at the air squat, the front squat and overhead squat, along with a bit of hanging work such as basket hangs  and  toes to bar . Along the way we start to  discuss some of  our abbreviations like  WOD ( Work Out of the Day) and AMRAP ( As Many Rounds as Possible)  and start introducing you to moving around the gym  ( actually called a Box) safely.

Here is a useful drill  that fixes your squat


Most sessions end with a mini WOD, but its not  set to be challenging, merely a light rehearsal of newly learned principles. In our sessions we focus on teaching skill, so whilst a flexibility drill may feature we don’t waste 15 minutes of your time on aerobic warm ups and endless stretching . We use the skill progression to warm you up for the  full range of motion skill you are about to do. Jogging around is a great warm up if you intend to run. Squat drills are the best warm up for squatting. Long term , for those serious about flexibility, we have some fantastic flexibility classes that really push your range of motion along.

So get some serious skills and join our beginner  classes now

The next batch of CrossFit London graduates are good to go

finishing level 1

finishing level 1

Its with great honour, that we introduce, to an agog world, the next batch of CrossFit London graduates.

A big “E” high five to (and let’s see if I get this right): Ed, Cindy (x2), Scott, Alice, Lawrie (I may have called you Lorry: apologies), Anina,  Mifzal, Joe, and Courtney!

Well done.

Our level one is about learning the basics. we do this by getting you to tackle a series of performance drills. Over time, we develop those drills. We will use them  to warm you up, to strengthen the move and problem solve.

If you are honest, life is about drills. 1st aiders go by DR ABC, drivers: mirror signal manoeuvre, carpenters: measure twice and cut once. In your profession, I’m sure you have the same ideas.

At CrossFit London we need to deliver to you awesome fitness, based on an awesome skill set. Skills are based on drills. Simples.

Hopefully you’ll agree we have awesome instructors, who are ridiculously passionate about helping you be the best you you can be, and who have lots of drills t help you analyse, learn and master the skills you need.

If you want to start your level 1 journey, and unlock the awesome you,  check it out here

Free Taster Session

Have you heard about CrossFit, but are not quiet ready to jump into our beginner friendly introductory process? Fancy having a free CrossFit London class?

You are not alone.

Maybe you have loads of questions you want to ask, maybe, you just want to know  a bit more about it, maybe you  simply want to meet a few CrossFitters and see what they are like.

Don’t worry there are others who feel the same.

CrossFit London would like to invite you to a special Free trial session where we will  begin to tell you what we do and why we do it: we will teach you some body weight basics, give you a trial workout.

CrossFit London and our sister Box, CrossFit SE11, run monthly Free Taster sessions. Please see our FAQ page to find out which day you can attend one.

The session will last about 45 minutes.  Our aim is to show you how nice we are, what great teachers we are, and how our methods can get you in the best shape you are capable of realistically achieving.

This session is free of charge and free of obligation. This isn’t a sales pitch: if you like what you see, try some more, if you don’t,  we are sure you will have a lovely time hanging out with us.

The only conditions we ask, is the you  register via our booking system. It get’s your next of kin details, get’s your training consent, and frankly, if you train with us you need to know how to use this system, as it’s the one you will use to book and pay for the classes you want to attend. If you really, really want to attend, but you cannot bring yourself to book via this system, email  Joe ( and we may find  a way around it.

There will be some physical activity. If you are just out of  hospital or need medical clearance, or are very very unfit, this may not be the session for you (but do email us for further guidance).

CrossFit is highly adaptable, so we can set everyone the same workout and adapt it to individual fitness levels and abilities.

If you are ready to start CrossFit now, do jump on straight into Level 1. You don’t have to attend this Free trail, its purely for the unsure and the cautious. That said, it’s tremendous fun.