Member of the Week

Member of the Week: 25 March 2018

This week’s  Crossfit London Member of the Week goes to

Theo Dimopoulos

Theo is a rare breed at CFL in Bethnal Green E2, considered equally as part of the morning crew as much as he is the evening. Theo trains regularly and is always someone I’d look to have in one of my classes due to his bubbly personality. While I’d consider him a bit of a troublemaker, it’s not in a bad way. His cheeky humour adds to the fun and is not disruptive at all. Theo is easily coachable and always on hand to help others too which is invaluable with a packed class.
Συγχαρητήρια Theo!

Member of the Week: 18 March 2018

This week’s Member of the Week goes to

Kiwi & Fromage

If you ever think it sounds like there’s a jet plane about to take off in no 10 on a Saturday morning, it’s likely to be one of the dynamic duo of Seb and Sam on the Assault Bike. These guys are two of our fittest athletes with Sam winning top male in the 2017 Open and Seb an ever present in our competition classes. They’re two humble guys that just work hard and as a result are a coach’s dream. They also rarely ever go to a class without the other. Whatever you do, don’t ever go up against their team “Kiwi & Fromage” during a Saturday morning MetCon. Just ask Pete Thompson what the consequences are!
Well done dudes!

Member of the Week: 11 March 2018

This week’s Member of the Week goes to

Jarlath Phelan

Part of the weekday morning crew, Big J has come on leaps and bounds since he joined us in September 2014. The strength aspect of CrossFit has always been Jarlath’s forte due to being taller than the average Joe. Nonetheless, it hasn’t stopped him getting butterfly pull-ups, ring muscle-ups, and bar muscle-ups! I’ve seen many athletes just stick to what they’re good at but that’s what separates the regular folk from people like Jarlath.
Well done Jarlath!

Member of the Week: 04 March 2018

This week’s Member of the Week goes to

Andy Schaefer

Andy is my kind of guy when it comes to humour: dry and dark! Andy would admit himself that conditioning isn’t his favourite but that’s not stopping him from booking into my Monday morning MetCon classes at 6:30AM and attacking that weakness head on. His lifting has come on leaps and bounds this year and has become very proficient on the barbell and is now strong like a bull! You can also thank Andy for the brilliant idea of having a CFL benchmark WOD which you shall be seeing in the programming at the end of the month.
Well done Andy!

Member of the Week: 25 February 2018

This week’s Member of the Week goes to

Dani Cabral

Our very own Brazilian rock and roller, Dani spends half his time at CFL and the other half at our sister gym SE11 making him a true part of the CrossFit London family. With The Open upon us, it reminded me of Dani’s achievements in 2017 hitting every workout RX for the first time. After a year of consistent training under his belt, Dani is ready to push on and get higher up the leaderboard. After his performance in benchmark workout “Coffland”, Dani will be hoping for a WOD that has us all hanging off a pull-up bar for time. Whether you see him at CFL or SE11, just be sure to look out for his new look: bleach blonde hair!
Parabens Dani!

Member of the Week: 11 February 2018

This week’s Member of the Week goes to

Jamie & Lee

CFL’s very own vegan power couple, these two have gone from strength to strength over the past year finding themselves at the top of the leaderboards on many occasions. I have the pleasure of coaching them on Wednesday evenings in my MetCon. Not only do they make other members feel welcome and provide top bantz, they always deliver five-star efforts. Jamie has spent considerable time developing her kipping toes to bar and pull-ups and it shows with her beautiful text book technique. Lee has excelled in his conditioning and I would put it to anyone at the gym to try to beat him in a conditioning focused WOD. There are no better proponents of plant based living than Jamie & Lee!
Well done guys!

Member of the Week: 04 February 2018

This week’s Member of the Week goes to

Kieron Lyons

Kieron has been one to go under the radar. No more! Relatively quiet and gentle in nature, we have begun to see Kieron release his inner beast! A regular in Anthony’s Heavy Metal Club, Kieron has been making some serious gainz in the past few months. He first caught my eye on Monday when he made quick work of the SWOD in Heavy Metal Club. While others struggled and chipped away, Kieron had already finished without a bead of sweat in sight! This morning I witnessed him touch and go 110 KG deadlifts as if the barbell was a toothpick. He made short work of the run and push-ups too! Suffice to say, the Kieron’s an animal and is only getting better.
Well done Kieron!

Member of the Week: 28 January 2018

This week’s Member of the Week goes to

Alston Kam

Alston is one of those athletes that takes cues on board very quickly. As a result his progress has been impressive to say the least. It feels like he learns a new skill or is hitting a new PB weekly. During Thursday’s CrossFit Gymnastics class it took him exactly 4 minutes to nail the kipping ring dip!
Regardless of Alston’s natural athleticism, he works hard and listens diligently to coach cues and tips. Annoyingly, he can also go out all night then come in fresh as a daisy and workout as if he hadn’t had 10 VBs!
Well done Alston!

Member of the Week: 21 January 2018

This week’s Member of the Week goes to

Oona Väisänen

There is no better writer in the English language to describe Oona than William Shakespeare: “Though she be but little, she is fierce!”
I was passing through one of Coach Kat’s classes just around Christmas and witnessed Oona deadlift 100kgs with ease. Everyone looked around with incredulity then erupted in applause. It was one of those great CrossFit moments.
Oona attended my fundamentals class over a year ago and seeing her improve the way she has makes me very proud to be part of this gym and community. If you ever wonder where Oona is, just look for the woman dressed all in black!
Well done Oona!

Member of the Week: 14 January 2018

This week’s Member of the Week goes to

Lore Garcia

Hailing from the land of Cervantes, Rioja wine, El Cid, flamenco, jamón serrano, and endless sun, Lore brings Spanish flair and passion to every class. As an athlete, Lore’s best quality is her willingness to learn. Lore always listens attentively to the coach for cues to make sure she is moving well and this enthusiasm translates well to WODs as I’ve never seen her give any less than 100%. Nonetheless, athlete does not maketh woman and personality is where Lore truly shines. Lore will welcome new members with open arms and take them under her wing, whether they are ready for it or not! Lore is also part of the Gales Gardens “Wednesday Crew” and chips in with some top bantz.
¡Enhorabuena Lore!