Our amazing gymnastic (tumbling) programme is going from strength to strength.  We have been joined by the fabulous Matteo Cara, Sarah Driver, Tugs and we get the occasional help from the amazing Tamara.

This represents a whole spread of gymnastic tumbling approaches,  stretching from strict gymnastics to  “street” tricking methods. Adults need this mix. Adults need coaches with patience and who don’t mind coaching adults.

Most gymnastic coaches are obsessed with creating the next world champion and who can blame them. But you can imagine they don’t want to waste their time on an inflexible scared adult.

At Crossfit London, we have gymnastic coaching team who delight in getting you to do stuff.

You need to add gymnastics to your life! Even if you go once a month, just to confront your fears!

What a great way to spend Friday night, Saturday afternoon and Sunday

Who was it who said, “do some thing that scares you”. Whoever it was, I think he was unreasonable.  He said every day. I think once a week or a few times a month should do it!

Of course, throwing yourself into the air and landing in a crumbled heap may not be for you. In which case, have you checked out the gymnastic strength classes? These represent an amazing opportunity to get your flag, lever, L sit muscle up and manna.

If you are not too sure, check out our service page for more information.