After 4 long months in lockdown, the time has finally come. Welcome back CFLDN CrossFit London!

Your favourite coaches, workouts, programmes are ready to pick up and run in the best training facility in London Town. There are some changes we’ve implemented to give you confidence that you can have a great visit with us while staying as safe as possible.

In line with Government instruction, we’ve implemented the official Covid Secure Guidelines at the gym. (Links to the full versions are at the bottom of this page).

Please read through the points below so you know what to expect. Here’s a short video guide too:

Booking in
Book in as usual via Wodboard, and don’t forget to sign the additional Covid19 Waiver. Classes have been reduced to 8 people. Every place is precious, so please take care to only book when you know you can come.
Classes are 45mins to allow for cleaning afterwards.

When you arrive
On arrival, sanitise your hands and wait 2m apart outside. Read the signs displayed.
Please don’t arrive too early, as we don’t want a crowd building up waiting for class.
The cafe area is closed for now.
Arrive and leave wearing you kit, The toilets are open, but no changing or showers are allowed.

Wait socially distanced 2m apart outside the arch wearing a mask, until the coach tells you to enter. Please stick to your marked-out,  workout spot numbered 1-8.
Keep your mask on to collect and return kit to/from your spot.
There will be NO sharing of kit.
Do not train wearing a mask!
The music will be down, so do not shout!
Please don’t touch anyone not in your bubble. It means no hugging, fist bumps etc.
After the WOD, clean all the kit, bars and floor used by you – not forgetting the pullup bar.

Leave the gym promptly, again so we don’t have crowds building up. Sanitise as you leave.

If you get symptoms after your visit to us
Self -isolate and get a test. Please inform us should you test positive.


I hate that phrase, The New Normal. But if we all work together on this, we can make all the above completely normal, while looking forward to the day when the Old Normal comes back!

The coaches are all champions of Covid Secure practice – feel free to call them out if you see something that falls below our usual high standard.

Any further questions, email us at

Thanks for staying with us, we love you for it!


UK Government guidance in detail

CFLDN Risk assessment PDF