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Experienced CrossFitters will appreciate the great programming, friendly atmosphere and exceptional coaching at CrossFit London.

Here’s a list of all the CrossFit class-types that we have on offer.


This is your classic WOD class and the cornerstone of the schedule at CrossFit London.

Each session starts with a targeted warm-up, followed by a skill and/or strength segment to isolate and practice specific element, followed by the Workout of the Day (WOD); a high-intensity, functional group workout.

These classes are capped at 12 people (10 at our Gales Gardens location), and provide a fun and encouraging environment to develop your general physical preparedness (“GPP”).

This class is open to everyone who has graduated from our CrossFit Fundamentals program, or experienced CrossFitters who’ve completed a CrossFit foundations programme elsewhere.


MetCon is a bootcamp-style series of short, high-intensity workouts. CrossFit’s fundamental moves are here, but without barbells, and limited high-level skills. You will use kettlebells, dumbells, medballs, skipping, ring-rows, sprints, etc in this high-energy, low-skill class.

MetCon classes allow athletes to spend time building a better metabolic engine, with an emphasis on moving with quality at high intensity before going heavy. We achieve this using intervals, circuits and infinite movement variety. This makes MetCon a great addition, not only to newbies fresh out of Fundamentals, but also the more seasoned CrossFitters looking for lighter, faster session.

There are no prerequisites to attend MetCon: it is open to any and all abilities.

CrossFit Gymnastics

If you want to work on your WOD skills for bodyweight movements, these are the classes to come to. Handstands, HSPUs, pistols, pull-ups, toes-to-bar, ring-dips, muscle-ups, and all the other skills you wish you had.

Between them, the Skills class on Thursday and the Strength class on Saturday will help you scale and drill these movements, working on both technique and strength to get you moving better and more efficiently.

Whether you’re still trying to get that first pull-up, or if getting a 100ft handstand walk is your goal, these classes are for you.

No prerequisites, but you should be familiar with the basics of CrossFit Gymnastics.

CrossFit Benchmark WODs

In this class, we forgo the usual strength or skill segment, and focus on one of CrossFit’s legendary benchmark workouts. This includes ‘The Girls‘, Hero workouts like ‘Murph’, and any workout which has been given a name.

Eventually, you will end up doing the Benchmark WODs more than once and see how much you’ve progressed since you last did it.

Friday Night Lights

Some celebrate the end of the week by going to the pub. We celebrate the end of the week by getting together for a workout… and then the pub.

Usually in teams of 2, 3, or 4, expect a fast-paced class with a lot of elements thrown in. This class is not recommended for beginners (less than three month’s experience), but everyone is welcome.

Make sure you book this class well in advance!