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CrossFit-204-Legends-deadlift-300x206CrossFit; at my age?

You’ve likely got the impression it’s a mad fitness craze for youngsters with muscles. But CrossFit workouts are always adapted to suit the ability of the individual. Men and women of any age from teens to seniors do it, enjoy themselves in the friendly and inclusive atmosphere, and reap enormous benefits for health and well-being. It’s a cliche to say age is just a number, but as far as participating in CrossFit, it’s true.

The “Legends 50+” class at CrossFit London


Coach Tim Lawrence, 57

While many in their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and above have always been sporty, and happily continue throughout life, others gave up jogging and aerobics ages ago due to pressures of work and family life. Many more have never done any physical activity, but don’t want it to be too late and feel a bit lost or anxious as to where to start.

CrossFit London is here for you! Presenting the “Legends” kick-off and classes.

Our Legends kick-off class is Saturday 27 January 2018 at 2pm.

It costs 10.00: Book here

If you’re aged 50+ (under or over, we’re not checking ID at the door!)  and looking to start the world’s greatest fitness regime with like-minded people, this is for you.

The session will begin with an introduction, a gentle warm up, learning some new physical skills and a short workout. There’s time for a friendly chat; we’re all ears, and want to hear your feedback. No judgement, no patronising jargon – just an enjoyable fitness session for everyone of all abilities.

18893445Where is it?

CrossFit London is located at 9 Malcom Place, London E2 0EU. Nearest tube is Bethnal Green on the Central line, and Bethnal Green mainline station from Liverpool St. We’re about 5 mins walk from both. We are located in a railway arch kitted out for functional fitness, with toilets and showers.

You can pop down from 1.30 pm, with a prompt start at 2.00pm.

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Health issues and injuries

You’re asked to fill out a health questionnaire before starting to train with us. When necessary, we work with athletes’ health-care providers to ensure all activity is safe and reasonable. We’ve found doctors are ecstatic that their patients want to be more active, which helps them improve quality of live and positively affect health markers including blood pressure, cholesterol and weight.

If your doctor has made recommendations about your activities, please inform us. We always defer to your care provider and work closely with doctors, physiotherapists and athletic trainers to ensure you’re getting all the attention you need.

Benefits of CrossFit for seniors


Coaches Kate Pankhurst, 56; and Andrew Stemler, 57.

The body of a senior athlete responds like the body of a younger athlete, if a little more slowly. We can improve levels of strength and conditioning, and we hope to help our older athletes retain muscle mass, increase bone density and improve their cardiovascular systems—all things that will help people live a healthy life and avoid injury.

Results don’t come instantly, but they will come steadily in you attend regularly. You can speed up the process by reducing the amount of sugar and processed carbohydrates in your diet, and eat more vegetables. Your doctor may also notice other benefits: clients generally see improved blood work, and weight loss is common. Osteoporosis can also be prevented through regular strength training, and risks of heart disease and other ailments can be reduced through improving fitness.


So make 2018 the year you started at CrossFit London and began changing everything for the better.

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(Grateful thanks to Mike Warkentin of CrossFit 204 for permission to use original images and text from