CrossFit Level 3


The bad news is…. wherever you look, there are people better at CrossFit than you.

The good news is that the difference between you and them is a simple matter of six things:

1) How much extra good quality training work you can do. Those good at CrossFit do good work. Moving load, long distances quickly can only be done with great form and relentless good quality practice.

2) How much coaching you get. Many people start off in CrossFit being coached and watched, then disappear into a weird self-training regime. Excellence in sport is about accepting and acting on feedback. Accountability is crucial

3) How much devotion you will give to acquiring skills you don’t have. No matter how strong you are, if you cannot double-under or muscle-up, or handstand walk, you are screwed. Can you control your ego enough to work on skills you need?

4) How much mental preparation you’ll commit to being an athlete. Not screaming emotionality, but a simple work ethic. Many people are too emotional about CrossFit. Successful athletes see it as work. Do you?

5) How much you’ll monitor and control your food. Eventually, food undermines you. To deal with food you do not need to repeatedly fail on other people’s diets. You need to monitor what you do. You need to understand your emotional cues and the behaviours that undermine you.

6) How much home mobility and flexibility you are prepared to do. Mobility and self-treatment bodywork are crucial to performance.

Our level 3 classes will teach you and support you in all those areas

If you think you’d like to get involved in our TWO HOUR long Level 3 classes on Monday and Friday morning 9am to 11am, the doors are open to you; subject to these standards

  1. If we give you a  bar (20/15kg) you simply need to show you can squat it, front and back and overhead; deadlift it, sumo deadlift high pull, press, push press, and push jerk it. Then you need to power snatch it and squat snatch it. Then you power clean and squat clean it. If you can do this, you know its ridiculously easy. If you cannot, more time at Level 2 or in PT will  easily get you sorted. We need you to have these basics.
  2.  You need at minimum 1 pull up, and a couple kipped. You need 1 dip and 10 push ups. You need to kick up to a handstand against the wall and lower your head to the floor. You need to perform a muscle-up transition. You need the kipping motion of a toes to to bar, even if you cannot quite get your toes to the bar.

The classes are on Monday and  Friday morning  09.00 to 11.00 am. They are charged at our normal class rates (so in effect 2 hours for the price of 1).

The allocated coach is Andrew Stemler whose experience as a CrossFit teacher,  CrossFit trainer, bodyworker is unrivalled.

The programme is reassuringly effective and unoriginal

Monday you’ll snatch for 30 -40 minutes, then perform weighted pull-ups, then practice kipping for pull-ups and TTB. Then it’s 2 to 3 WODs

Wednesday you’ll work on core strength skills: heavy back squat, deadlift, and bench, followed by muscle-ups. Then it’s 2 to 3 WOD’s

Friday is clean & jerk day, with weighted dips and handstand work. Lots of it (push ups, static, walks). Then, sounds boring I know, but it’s 2 to 3 wods.

You’ll be videod and filmed and supported by the coach, who will nevertheless, also participate in the class.

The class is at an off-peak time so we can use the ropes, assault bikes, rowers and plenty of space!

The aim of this class is to prepare you for our excellent competition classes. We appreciate the time won’t suit everyone, but it is what it is. It’s on the schedule, book in if you meet the standards. This is open to anyone who can reach the standards. If Andrew knows your abilities, you’ll be nodded through, if not, its a 3-minute test as outlined above. Athletes from other CrossFit gyms are welcome.

If you need to ask any other questions email