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Flexibility class combines a range of flexibility techniques to get you flexible quicker, while minimising the pain. Each one-hour class will work on deep and timed stretches to achieve pancake, splits and backbends. Different techniques will be used: partner stretches, PNF, relaxation techniques. A great compliment to our Adult Gymnastics classes.

Classes run every Monday evening, Wednesday evening and Saturday lunchtime. Check our booking website for the latest class times and availability.

1C9D87A9-FFF5-4C65-AE2F-F0C501B004FABeing more flexible will help take the struggle out of CrossFit, Gymnastics and daily life; make your snatches, skin the cats and handstands easier than ever, get the splits, pancakes and crowd-pleasers you thought impossible. And learn how you can stop waking up each morning stiff and in pain. Because

There are no minimal requirements for the Flexibility class; everyone can be flexible – including you!



Temporarily removed from the schedule. Please check again soon or email support@crossfitlondonuk.com.

Looking to improve your mobility with some added zen? Curious about yoga, but think you’re not flexible enough for it? Put that belief to one side, give our weekly yoga class a try. The class is suitable for all levels, including complete newbies.

The Sanskrit word yoga means to yoke, or to unite. In other words, th8E853B42-5E6C-4C41-8F1E-122916826FFAe practice of yoga aims to establish and strengthen the connection between mind and body through asana (the postures), as well different breathing techniques (pranayama). Yoga is a brilliant way of adding an element of mindfulness to your training, and life in general – in short, a regular practice will make you more pliable and resilient both inside and out.

The weekly class is specifically designed to complement CrossFit training, with a different focus each week. These include classes on major muscle groups, for example hip flexors, postures to complement gymnastic strength such as inversions, as well as restorative classes integrating elements of guided relaxation to help calm down the CNS and promote recovery.

The Swole & Bendy class runs on Tuesday mornings from 7:00-8:00am at 3 Gales Gardens.

Check our booking website for the latest class times and availability.


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