Gymnastic Strength

Gymnastics Strength Level 1 Beginners

A class that helps you begin the task of acquiring gymnastic strength which will lead to our Gymnastic Strength Level 2 classes. Start building the strength towards a rock-solid handstand, side lever (human flag), planche, middle split hold, muscle-up, L-sit and much more. It will also help develop flexibility, strength, and work towards kick up to a handstand against the wall .

This class will introduce you to all these skills and ease you into the gymnastic strength progressions that you will use at Gymnastic Strength Level 2. This could be a class you attend once before being allowed access to Gymnastic Strength Level 2, or equally it can be your ideal strength class for over a year.

There are no minimum strength or skill requirements for this class. You might have a pull up, dips, or push-ups; you might not.

Gymnastics Strength Level 2

A class that helps you master ‘basic’ gymnastic strength exercises by working through a whole range of progressions, from simple to very complex. Aims: a rock solid handstand, side lever (human flag), planche, middle split hold, muscle-up, L-sit and much more.

Pre-requisites for Gymnastic Strength  L2

You must have attended a Gymnastic Strength Level 1 class. If the coach as assesses you to be ready, you will be unlocked on the system and able to book.

Gymnastics Schedule

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  • Single session pass – £15
  • 5 sessions pass – £65
  • 10 sessions pass – £110

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