Gymnastic Tumbling

In our Gymnastic Tumbling classes, we have different levels to suit your ability and growing skill level:

Adult Gymnastic Tumbling Level 1 – Introduction/Assessment

Our popular adult-only gymnastic Level 1 sessions are aimed at those with little or no prior gymnastic experience, or a first stop for anyone joining our Gymnastics Tumbling sessions. A focus on fun, safety and do-ability. We operate an ongoing programme so you can start anytime you like. Just book and pay for your session (they are the same price as our CrossFit classes).

We will take you safely through the basic of shapes, rolls, flexibility and specific strength that you will need to safely build the skills you desire. We need to give you a safe kick up to handstand, a forward and backward roll and a cartwheel before flicks and tucks.

Once our instructors are confident you have mastered these initial skills, they will suggest you move forward to Level 2 sessions. You could be at Level 1 for 1 session or 50 sessions.

We have added a class on Sundays at 1 pm, so book in now.

Adult Gymnastic Tumbling Level 2 – Improving

IMG_4190Adult gymnastics sessions targeted at those  who have completed our introduction sessions. We focus on the “skills and drills” that will deliver to you the back tuck, the front tuck, the round-off, the back and front hand spring.

Bring patience, a willingness to learn and an eye for the long game. If you are not sure, try our FAQ page. After CrossFit Gymnastic Tumbling Level 2, it’ll be onto the Level 3 Tumbling Club.

Adult Gymnastic Tumbling Club Level 3

At tumbling club you must have all the skills outlined our level 1 and level 2. These drills are now practised back to back in skill challenging circuits, where we embed the skills, try and tie the together and develop your jumping and explosive power.

You will have to demonstrate to an instructor in the Level 1 and 2 sessions that you have the necessary skills and strength before they give you the go-ahead to attend these sessions.

Youth Gymnastics Tumbling

We also offer youth tumbling classes  for 8-16 year olds. Currently Thursdays at 4.15pm. You can read more about it here.

Gymnastics Schedule

To browse all our gymnastic classes Click here. You may need to change day to see all we have to offer.



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