Weightlifting Beginners

We have been teaching Olympic Weightlifting to absolute beginners since 2005.


To make it manageable, we divide the Olympic lifts into four one-hour segments, which you can spread over several Sundays, or go for the whole lot in one go. These classes are also central to the CrossFit learning curve.

The Squats (L1.1) Learn the air squat, the overhead and the front squat: essential for both the snatch and the Clean and Jerk

The Presses (L1.2) To get a handle on the Olympic lifts you need to understand the numerous ways to get stuff over your head

The Snatch (L1.6) In this hour we teach you how to snatch from scratch

The Clean and Jerk (L1.7) Here we teach you how to clean the bar

Beginner Class Schedule

CrossFit beginner L1 classes are on Saturday and Sunday. These are the same classes you need to have under your belt as an Olympic weightlifting beginner. To browse the latest schedule, click here (you will need to navigate to Saturday and Sunday)


  • Single session pass – £15
  • 5 sessions pass – £65
  • 10 sessions pass – £110

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We offer discounts to members of the Armed forces, Emergency services and full-time students. (This does not apply to drop-ins; it is for regular members only). Click here for more information.