What is Gymnastics?


Wouldn’t you love to have a bigger arsenal of cool gymnastic moves? Who wouldn’t want to have a fantastic back tuck, a backflip and a rock solid handstand? For that matter who does want to jump over a car and bounce off walls? If you are an adult, you have found the right place to train. Come to our gymnastic ( tumbling and strength)  club  based in Bethnal Green, East London E2

If you are an adult, the chances are that most gymnasts will turn their noses up at your dream of Gymnastic Tumbling. We don’t. If you want to handspring, handstand and back tuck, we have the progressions, drills and skills that get most adults prepared to master these moves. You won’t look like an international gymnast, but who cares! We have clients ranging from 18 to 55 who attend our adult gymnastic sessions.

You may prefer static skills like lever, flag and straddle lifts to handstand: in which case our Gymnastic Strength classes will build you the strength and skills you need.

We also run Kids tumbling classes. You can check them out here


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