Keen to get flexible? Really keen? Then listen close.
All the time I people stretching and making one simple mistake. They want it TOO BAD.
Now enthusiasm isn’t a bad thing, nor is intensity. They’re both great. They just need to be used in the right way.
Intensity is something you have to be very careful with. When doing a stretch it’s important not to go too far too soon. Muscles, much like a rubber band, will tear and break of taken beyond their limit too quickly.

As you may have picked up from earlier articles, the key is to relax. Focus your INTENSITY on relaxing as much as you can. Once you do that, apply the following things:
1. Listen. If it hurts in a sharp stabbing sensation, back off slightly. Your body is the greatest teacher.
2. When stretching with a partner, keep talking. They can’t feel your pain so speak up if they’re applying too much pressure. Stubbornness won’t help when you get hurt.
3. Go slow into and slow out of a stretch.
4. Be patient. Great results come but only by allowing your flexibility to take the time it needs to.

Remember that all good things take time, and only with that time will they really be amazing- flexibility is certainly one of them. Not only will you make gains in your range of movement and cut out the injuries but you’ll also then grow your patience – double win!
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Felix Leech
Stuntman and Flexibility Instructor
Crossfit London / Crossfit SE11