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Ever Feel Like You Can't Be Bothered to Stretch?

By September 24, 2017 No Comments

Ever Feel Like You Can’t Be Bothered to Stretch?

– By Felix Leech

“I know I should stretch more. But I don’t.”
Sound familiar? We’re all guilty of this from time to time. So where does this motivation come from that enables us to do the stretching, that we know will do us good?
Let’s look at why we do Crossfit inherently. There can be a multitude of reasons. Feel the buzz atmosphere of everyone working hard around you. Get fitter, stronger, in better shape. Learn new skills. Gain confidence. The social side.
When looking at each individual session we don’t question it – we just go because that’s when the Crossfit is on. But key fact is, there’s a reason behind it.
Purpose. Purpose is the different between sitting on the couch watching TV and doing something amazing with your body. Purpose fills you with excitement, with energy, a lust to do more.
What’s your reason to stretch?
Maybe you want to get flexible. Maybe you want to stop picking up injury after injury. Help recover from the ones you’ve got, the day to day pains. Make your everyday Crossfit movements less of a struggle.
Whatever it is, it’s YOUR reason. Know your reason. Hold it with pride at the top of your mind. Repeat it to yourself every time you stretch, or DON’T feel like stretching.
Stretching in itself is painful and boring. But you’re not stretching. You’re working towards a goal. One step closer to the better to the better Crossfit, the injury resistance, feeling 15 and not 50.
What is your Why?
Whatever it is, it’s your pathway to becoming an amazing new you – or wishing you had.

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