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Member of the Week: 14 January 2018

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This week’s Member of the Week goes to

Lore Garcia

Hailing from the land of Cervantes, Rioja wine, El Cid, flamenco, jamón serrano, and endless sun, Lore brings Spanish flair and passion to every class. As an athlete, Lore’s best quality is her willingness to learn. Lore always listens attentively to the coach for cues to make sure she is moving well and this enthusiasm translates well to WODs as I’ve never seen her give any less than 100%. Nonetheless, athlete does not maketh woman and personality is where Lore truly shines. Lore will welcome new members with open arms and take them under her wing, whether they are ready for it or not! Lore is also part of the Gales Gardens “Wednesday Crew” and chips in with some top bantz.
¡Enhorabuena Lore!

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