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Member of the Week: 20 October 2017

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This week’s Member of the Week goes to

Kim Mirren

Ever present in my gymnastics skills class, it’s safe to say that Kim has drunk the CrossFit KoolAid and is intoxicated with it. The reasons why Kim started CrossFit are twofold: to get better at surfing and to someday beat her brother and sister in law in a WOD. The way Kim has been improving, that won’t be too far away!
There are two qualities in Kim as an athlete that caught my eye. Firstly, her determination and coach-ability. Kim is always willing to listen and do whatever scale necessary to get better. Rather than feel daunted with the amount of work needed to put in, she views everything I throw at her¬†as a challenge. Secondly, Kim embraces the community aspect of CrossFit. She started a Whatsapp group with the other L1s when no one knew each other to coordinate classes and for general CrossFit bantz. Kim was quick to recognise that the community, possibly the most important aspect of CrossFit, keeps everyone accountable to each other. Kim’s attitude is an example to all!

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