As part of your membership, we offer group nutrition coaching, via our Facebook group, 

Once you have bought your first membership (be it a 5 carnet session or a seminar), you’ll be able to apply to join our nutrition and skills, Facebook group. Each day we post meal ideas, recipes, and helpful hints. It’s just another reason to be part of CrossFit London.

Join here! Its part of your membership

  • Through our guided posts we will encourage you to eat lean proteins and nutrient-rich vegetables.
  •  We will teach you about the benefits of proteins, carbs, and healthy fats.
  • We will offer you recipes and demonstrate different food-prep skills and ideas. You’ll also  be able to buy  super meals from our cafe
  •  We will provide you with behavior-based coaching to improve eating habits.
  •  We will help you choose the right foods to eat around your workouts.
  • Obviously, we will suggest that you drink water and avoid sugary drinks.
  • We will actively listen and empathize with your struggles.
  • Through our Facebook groups, we will provide accountability and support.
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If you want a personalized approach and don’t mind paying for extra training sessions, we have several qualified trainers who will be able to help you.

Crossfit London has you covered!  Brilliant coaches, lovely members,  a great facility, and your nutrition sorted!

Everyone appreciates the great programming, friendly atmosphere, and exceptional coaching at CrossFit London.

Our passion extends to teaching you healthy, effective eating habits.

At CFLDN we believe that Nutrition is the corner  stone of what we do, is the foundation of our health and fitness. We don’t do diets, we believe that a healthy lifestyle will be always better than a short-term fix. We also understand that every person is different and has different goals wherever your goals are, lose fat, build muscle, get stronger or maybe maximize your performance at the gym.

We will teach you how to develop the essential habits that you need to look after your nutrition, without shortcuts or crazy diets, you will find that reaching your goals are easily achievable having the support of our coaches and our community.

Make sure you  apply to join our Facebook group here


Food fuels everything you do.

Food, like fire, is both our friend and mortal energy. Fire can help you cook and keep warm, or it can burn your house down.

Food is the same.

It can boost your performance and keep you healthy. Equally, it can really mess you up. Conditions like type 2 diabetes are directly correlated with poor diet choices.

Too much food is poorly produced, and many people simply don’t know what is good or bad for them. A poor diet can slide you into obesity,  creating a cascade of long term health issues.

Getting you to understand the food you eat, what’s in it, and how it affects you is super crucial.

Join Crossfit London then apply to join the Facebook group for our daily nutrition support. Click here




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