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Open Gym at CrossFit London

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Self Training (the old):
For those of you who can remember that far back, it was around this time last year that we changed the way that Self Training is booked and used at CrossFit London and CrossFit SE11. This was in order to address certain problems we were having with access to the space and managing who used it.
While we fixed the problems which we faced at the time, the changes came with their own set of issues, primarily that the new process was too complicated and difficult to access. Currently you can access Self Training if you buy a 5x weekly membership, buy a monthly add on on the condition that you have a minimum 10 class carnet, or buy a single day pass on the day, none of which are ‘bookable’ in the way classes are. Instead of booking in, you train at any time when the gym is open at whatever space happens to be free. I’m certain a lot of you didn’t know how Self Training was accessed or even that it existed.
The usage of the current system is incredibly poor and we know there are a lot of members who would take advantage of being able to train alone. Therefore…
Open Gym (the new):
Moving forward things we’re going to keep it simple: from December 1st 2017 “Self Training” will become “Open Gym.”
(You will still be able to use your purchases of the old Self Training system until they expire at whatever time in December.)
Here’s how the new system will work.
When and where:
Open Gym will make use of the 9 & 10 Main rooms whenever they are free. For example, every weekday lunchtime 10MP is empty, so there will be an hour slot there.
The back room of 10MP will become a dedicated PT space, where coaches can work with members on a 1-2-1 basis. It will no longer be an Open Gym space.
How to book:
The Open Gym spots will follow exactly the same rules and booking procedures as regular classes. You will be signed in and turfed out at the beginning and end of the hour slots. If you want to cancel a session you will need to do so more than 12 hours in advance (although you’ll probably be fine to book in as you walk to the gym).
Who can book:
There will be no restrictions on who can use the Open Gym spots. Whether you buy a single session or have the 5x weekly membership, they will all work exactly the same. So, if your friend wants to train with you, they just need to open an account, buy a single session pass and book in.
At your own risk:
There will always be a coach and first aider in the Box (and you may get helpful tidbits of advice from them), but otherwise Open Gym is unsupervised and at your own risk like any regular gym.
The current Self Training rules still apply.
When will it start?:
Today (November 30th) will be the last day you can buy the current Self Training options (apologies for the short notice; any problems let me know).
Those who have already purchased the current Self Training access can use the current system until their purchase expires.
From Friday 1st December the 5x membership will be reduced back to its original price of £145 and the other Self Training options removed. From Friday 1st you will also start to see Open Gym slots on the schedule.
Why the change?:
Our hope is to make Open Gym easier to access, less exclusive and give you more opportunity to work areas of weakness outside of class times. It will also make it easier to do qualifiers, or to use up any remaining classes you might have.
For example, with this week’s CrossFit Lift Off competition, anyone wanting to give it a go in their own time should be able to do so with greater ease; just book an Open Gym spot.
If there are any immediate concerns or queries, please contact me at, although my hope is that the above shouldn’t need much explanation.

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