Self Training (Open Gym)

If you want to pursue your own training programme outside of our classes, CrossFit London offers Self Training at our Malcolm Place facilities. See below for details on times, pricing and availability.

When can I Self Train?

Self Training is available whenever the Box is open for classes. Check the class schedule for the latest class timetables.

The Box is closed outside of class time. Make sure to plan your Self Training accordingly.

Available Space and Equipment

Back room self trainingSelf Training is typically confined to the back room of 10 Malcolm Place (see left), however you may use any space not required for classes or PT sessions.

At lunchtimes, for example, the main room in 10 Malcolm Place is not needed for a class, so you may use that space while the class next door is running.

You may use any equipment which is not needed for classes. While not under supervision we expect Self Trainers to use equipment appropriately and with respect.

NB: Classes and Personal Training sessions have priority access to all space and equipment. Please be prepared to vacate any space or relinquish any equipment needed by a class or Instructor.

How much?

There are three pathways for members to access Self Training:

Self Training Drop-Ins

If you want to drop-in for Self Training you need to purchase a £10 One Day Self Training Pass on the day you want to train. It is valid for the whole day of purchase, so you may come back to Self Train more than once on the day of purchase.

One arrival at the Box, show your emailed receipt to the coach on duty who will direct you to the available Self Training space.

(NB: Try to come to the gym in between classes. If you arrive in the middle of a class, the coach on duty will be busy and you may have to wait.)

Caveats and Polite Notices

Please do not be offended if a Coach checks to see if you have valid Self Training access. We need to make sure that everyone who is using the space is entitled to do so.

If you are found to be using the space or equipment inappropriately you may lose access to Self Training and/or classes permanently.

Do your best to not disrupt classes. Do not use the main rooms as a thoroughfare or interrupt sessions to gather equipment. It is always best to check with the coach on duty if you need to walk through a class.